NBN Co Meets Its Revised Rollout Targets

Back in March, NBN Co adjusted its projections for rollout of the National Broadband Network down slightly. Good news for those hanging out for broadband: it has met those adjusted targets.

In a press release issued today, NBN Co said that it had passed 207,500 premises, which is in the middle of the 190,000-220,000 range it predicted back in March. NBN Co also said that the number of active users on the network was 70,100 premises (including both households and businesses), up fourfold from the same time a year ago. More detailed numbers below:

Those figures are unlikely to stop arguments over whether the current approach is the best, but they do make it harder to argue that the project is hugely behind schedule. If you're in an NBN-connected area, check out our Planhacker guide for an overview of the (many) options available to you.

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