Muzik: These ‘Smart’ Headphones Will Let You Tweet, Facebook

Muzik: These ‘Smart’ Headphones Will Let You Tweet, Facebook

Of all the things that I figured would go “smart” one day, I hadn’t expected that headphones would be next. But here we are and here are Muzik’s first set of “smart” headphones.

So, what makes these ‘phones “smart”? Well, you can tweet and post to your Facebook wall directly from the Muziks. And like the Parrot Zikk’s, you can flip through tracks and adjust volume by tapping on the right earcup. Four dimples on the right earcup control a variety of actions, like posting what you’re listening to from Spotify directly to Facebook or Twitter. An accelerometer makes the Muzik even more intelligent so they stop playing when you take them off your noggin.

Muzik CEO Jason Hardi says his headphones are one of the best at minimising sound leakage but from our brief encounter with a prototype version, we didn’t find that to be true. At least not compared to KEF’s M500, for example. But we’ll reserve judgment until it ships later this year.

What’s even more intriguing about Muzik is the platform they’re creating that opens up the hardware to any clever developer. Hardi says he’ll be opening up the API soon that will allow devs to tweak just about anything, like rearranging the ‘phones hotkeys. Neat!

The Muziks are relatively compact and will set you back around $300 when they launch sometime in Q4 of this year. [Muzik]