Microsoft Is Making Fun Of Apple Again

I know it's hard to believe, but Redmond has a beef with Cupertino!

In this video, two baseball scouts are looking at a player and comparing his stats, while teleconferencing with HQ. The Windows tablet shows off app snapping in the corners of the screen, while the Apple guy -- who clearly doesn't know how to multi-task -- says he needs to "switch apps".

So let this be a message to...all scouts out there...yeah.


    Amazed they didn't take a jab at android too

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

      MS has to do something to try to shift the millions of Surface devices that no-one is buying, even if it means lying. It is really quite sad that MS cannot make an advertisement to sell the devices on their own merits. All I know, so far, from advertisements about Surface devices is that the magnetic keyboard attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches . . . . Apparently, that is all you need to know to what to spend ~$1,000 on a tablet and keyboard. By the way, did I mention that the keyboard attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches . . . .

        You forgot the most important part... the keyboard attaches and unattaches... WHILE YOU ARE DANCING!

          You are quite right and it made me realise why I find my tablet hard to use. I thought that you should sit comfortably at a desk but as you rightly note I should be waving it around like a flag whilst trying to type on the keyboard. :-/

          Oh, and did you know that the keyboard of a Surface attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches, attaches and unattaches . . . . :-)

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        So how is this lying? I own several iPads and a Surface.
        I use the snap view all the time.

        Closing broken apps and multitasking is a pain on the iPad. Surface (or just Win8) wins by miles here.

        How are they lying though? The Surface CAN do that, the iPad CAN'T do that. Sure it's a specific case that people might not come across, but it is accurate. The iPad can't multitask two things at once except background audio.

          It can also multitask downloads, including email. In real terms, the iPad does multitask and it is not hard to switch between applications. Its multitasking may not be like other tablets, but it certainly does multitask.

            But can you multitask two things at once on the screen? That's the question. Both Windows 8 and Android can do it now, how about your precious iOS?

              I speak only for myself, but I do NOT want that capability.

              And I am not precious about iOS. I was merely explaining something to you that you clearly did not understand. I use Windows, Android, iOS, OS X and occasionally Linux.

                You're the one that claimed Microsoft was lying with this ad, showing you don't even understand what is being advertised. Once again, in what way are they lying?

                I frequently pin my emails or chat to the side while doing main tasks in the main portion on my Windows 8 tablet. It's an excellent feature.

      Why take a jab at number two when you can go number one?

        For total market share, iOS has 57% in the tablet market at the moment, but in terms of current threat, Android is shipping the most units and has the highest growth. Last quarter Android sold 56.5% of tablets against iOS's 39.6% (or 3 Android units for every 2 iOS), and Android growth is five times that of iOS (247% vs 65%) according to IDC data. Strategy Analysis believes iOS market share will drop below Android market share in 2014 if Apple can't reverse its sales trend.

      Android tablets can multitask on the same screen now can't they? That's what Samsung keep advertising on TV.

    Isn't it the very job of the scouts to look at those stats and make decisions on behalf of the team? Who exactly are the scouts talking to?

    Also, if the kid is good, why would one scout not offer him a deal just because a different one did? Why not also offer the kid a scholarship or whatever and let him make his own decision?

    Why was the boss unable to see the stat's himself? Don't they have that information in a database that can be accessed from multiple devices? Are the scouts just recording this stuff on their own devices and not in the cloud?

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      you've convinced me, time to buy an iPad

        That's weird - That wasn't even close to being my point. I hope you enjoy your new tablet.

        Use the cloud well on either platform and you'll never have to read out stats to your boss while video calling him.

          mdolley, do you think you might be over-thinking the ad a bit?

          I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

        mr1jz best comment of the day

        I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

          No one thumbed you. What a shame

      You sir, win the face-desk award. It is an award given to those who have surpassed the mandate of the "Face-Palm" award.

    Lets be honest @mdolley, I don't think Microsoft really cares about accuracy here. I think those scouts would just make the call in reality.

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    Guys, don't argue about accuracy, these ads aren't about accuracy and they never have been, your average consumer is going to analyze one of these ads just like the Mac vs PC ads, they were hit but weren't very accurate if you were to analyze them as an IT professional.

      This. The demonstration here is "you can look at, and do something else while video chatting". Heaps of scenarios where this is useful spring to mind.

    I like that MS is making ads showing functionality but they just don't jibes well. They are seen as the big company and big company's can't do jibes in a pr sense it just looks petty.

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    At least they're showing how it works this time rather than dancing on a tabletop at work :)

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    I don't want a large Farva!

    Android can do this, but it requires third party applications to do it, and even then, it isn't as smooth as the Win8 implementation. Wonder how long it will be before Android make a similar feature available natively...

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Funny how when Apple were taking jabs at Microsoft everyone loved those ads. Even funnier is now the Apple Guy is a PC (just happens to be running OSX, maybe).

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

      "Funny how when Apple were taking jabs at Microsoft" the scripts were relevant and the actors amusing. Maybe that's why "everyone loved those ads"

      In this ad, the "Apple Guy is [not] a PC" - both performers are poorly portrayed in a campagin with no idea.

      I want the #HTCOne for it's: a chance to try something new, different & innovative.

    They would better create such ads for Xbox One, after that PR disaster they really need it.

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    Redmond doesn't have a beef with Cupertino.

    Microsoft has a beef with Apple.

    These companies are not the cities. The cities are just where their headquarters are.

    Just needed to say that, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

      Well, if we're going to be dickheads, then I'll point out that Cupertino is not a city, it is a suburb of San Jose.

        Cupertino is a city that is separate from the City of San Jose though just as the City of Redmond is a suburban city of the Seattle metro area. By Australian definitions they would just be said to be the same city but in North America they like to make distinctions between their separate cities. Just being a dickhead too.

          It's a city in the same way that The City of Willoughby is a city, which doesn't count because it's still just a bunch of suburbs on Sydney's North Shore.

        Cupertino is indeed a city, not a suburb of San Jose. At least, the Cupertino City Council certainly thinks it is a city - not that they'd know, I suppose. Certainly it is no less a city than Redmond is.

    Hmmmm..... I wonder if final cut pro was used to edit that ad :)

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    Microsoft have been innovating the industry for years. Unfortunately for them, they have been ahead of their time with gadgets.

    Origami anyone? Great concept but too early for anyone to want or need a PC that you can carry around with you.

    Fast forward a few years and Apple outs a giant iPod touch that lacks most of the features of a PC and the world goes crazy.

    I for one love new interface and design of Win 8 on a tablet. It's so much more functional than an iPad or Android tablet. I thought it was a bad idea to get rid of the start menu.... until I realised after installing Classic Start, the only time I used it, is when I want to shutdown properly or restart from desktop mode.

    While I don't see iOS changing for the better in the near future I do hope that Android will mature quicker and pick up on some of the good points and incorporate them.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

      Um, MS are mainly a software company. Selling licenses is (or was) their biggest money maker. Where's this innovation in the industry you speak of? The Zune? The Kin? Windows 95 was a ripoff of Mac OS, that's not innovative. Ahead of what time, last century? Where are these futuristic gadgets?

      Apart from Office, MS haven't led the market in anything. Every time they dabble in hardware, they fail.

      If the iPad was rubbish, as you would like to believe, then it would've failed. It didn't. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others must agree with you, quite the opposite. The Surface was a risky attempt, but it won't be a market leader. If MS were as innovative as you say, why hasn't the surface killed the competition and why did it take them 3 years to one to the market?

        You don't really know much about either company, apparently. Windows 95 competed with MacOS 7, the two weren't at all similar. The Zune (and Zune HD in particular) were excellent devices that were poorly marketed. Microsoft have long done quality hardware, from mice and keyboards to joysticks to game consoles - X360 outsold its main competitor PS3, and only lost top place to the Wii's low-power low-cost strategy.

          "X360 outsold its main competitor PS3,"

          Depends on whose stat's you accept. Most suggest a roughly equal number of consoles sold for XBox and PS3. The one critical factor is that Sony sold roughly the same, or more, PS3 consoles even though the PS3 was released a year later than the XBox 360.

            Well, that in turn depends on how you define 'roughly' - I usually go for exact figures. IDC usually report shipments, which is an inaccurate indicator of units sold, and Sony hasn't been very open about its sales. Microsoft's sales figures are all precisely detailed on its quarterly reports though so it's easy to see its quarterly and LTD figures, which last quarter had it about 1.5 million above analysis of Sony's LTD.

            The problem is Sony only releases its figures annually and it combines PS2 and PS3 sales into the same lump sum, so it's much harder to separate out PS3-only figures. We'll get a better idea at the end of Sony's FY, but the trend for the last several quarters has had the X360 outselling the PS3 worldwide thanks to very strong US sales.

    Microsofts adverts have always been lame. It's hard to convince them though as they still make bucket loads of cash. They are doing a truckload of product placement as well like in Elementary or NCIS: LA. The keyboard thing is a good point to advertise but shouldn't be the only thing to advertise.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

      They had product placement in that Roxy ad everybody was talking about

      What else would you advertise? Do you think there is anyone on the planet with a TV that doesn't know what a Windows computer can do? That said, there is the post-party Surface ad and this one that show actual features so I'm not exactly sure what teh basis for the comment is.

        Actually there would be a large number of people who wouldn't know what Windows can do, even those that use it every day. Even those that are familiar with Windows tend to find Windows 8 very foreign at first. Thats not to say it isn't easy to pick up but even being windows the initial impact is unfamiliar. Try wandering through a JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman and listen to the conversations between the consumers and the sales people. A lot of people don't know the difference between Windows and iOS and will ask for iPads and iPhones because they have been marketed so much better. All I know from the Microsoft ads is that if I am a dancer then a Surface Pro might be a good choice.

        Show me a good Microsoft Ad. Then you'll know the basis for the comment.

          It's a TV ad, not remote learning. You want to show customers what it can do, not how to do it, and whilst I agree that most have no idea how to do many things on their PC, they have a good idea what it is capable of.

          As for the dancer comment, you are referring to just one of several Surface ads. Can you see a single person dancing in this ad? Or the post-party ad? No, in both cases it is just a guy using his Surface to do stuff.

          If you want an example of a good Microsoft ad, look no further than the dancers. It has given a brand new product an enormous profile, as well as a reasonable impression of it's main point-of-difference, which would have been the no. 1 and no. 2 priorities, I imagine. Here we are, 6 months later, still talking about exactly those two things - the product itself and its detachable, clickable keyboard cover. That's advertising gold, which is why they have revisited it with the new Surface Pro campaign.

          Last edited 12/07/13 8:38 am

    "Unfortunately for them, they have been ahead of their time with gadgets."

    I partially agree. The tablet is an example where MS was certainly ahead of the pack. On the other hand . . .

    "Fast forward a few years and Apple outs a giant iPod touch that lacks most of the features of a PC and the world goes crazy."

    Tablets with an MS OS had a 10 year headstart on the iPad and those failed because of the poor OS, form factor, design etc. Apple deserved its success. All the technology that was available to Apple to make the iPad was available to MS and its OEMs, but they failed to harness it. Even with its 10 year head start on tablets, it still took MS another 4 years before it released the Surface as a competing product. Sure, sometimes MS is ahead of the pack . . . and other times it is waaaaay behind.

    Last edited 10/07/13 4:33 pm

      Indeed, credit where it's due: Apple made some very good decisions with iPhone and iPad. Apple demonstrated what it looks like to do certain things well, and it's only now that the rest of the market is figuring out how to do them better. I just really hope that Apple can show us some more real innovation - perhaps integrating Leap Motion into iMacs and/or displays?

      I agree that Apple released a great product, however, it had a very strong base after the success of the iPhone.

      I guess what I was mainly getting at, was that if MS had the same success with Origami, Apple would not have had any market at all.

      One of their biggest mis-steps was to allow the extremely useful and practical Windows Phone, stagnate and die the way they did.

      I feel now though, they have forced a particular design and performance level by making their own hardware. In the past some of their failure to blaze and take the market has to do with manufacturers and whether their feelings were in line with MS's, and looking back at the sad state of Origami and subsequent tablets released for Windows, it clearly shows that the manufacturers weren't sure that the form factor would be a success.

      Luckily for Apple they have the ability to choose the form factor and design they want and even if it seems like a risk they can run with it. MS weren't going to go all out and improve an OS if the manufacturers weren't going to support them.

      I think most would agree that this was also the case for Android on tablets in the beginning. With the horrible resistive touch and sluggish performance. Now that MS has pulled their finger out and are setting a minimum bar in design and performance I think we are going to be in for an interesting few years as they refine and redefine the OS and the platform as a whole...... Android will keep up! Apple on the other hand I think (once they are finished spending millions on flattening buttons to once again innovate the market) will have a hard time.

      I'm not a fanboy, I'm just making some educated points of view, so please respond the same :)

      I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

        I'm sorry, but your comments are those of a fanboy, so any response just won't meet your approval.

        MS Years ahead in gadgets? Really? Where are they? I honestly don't know anyone who has heard of Origami.

        Apple weren't "lucky" they had the ability to choose the form factor, they have earned their respect in the hardware and software marketplace by damn hard work, not luck, so please have some respect for that at least.

        MS have lazed their way through the technology world by letting others control the hardware. If you can't show respect to those who do innovate, then don't comment at all.

        Like any good car manufacturer, they design it all. The mechanics, the electronics, the form, the engineering, not just make shells and buy motors from motors R us.

        I honestly can't see any education in any of your points, as none of your points are valid, just a veiled swipe at Apple. Just get over it. Your hatred of Apple isn't going to make the Surface any more respectable in the marketplace. Being an apologist for Microsoft doesn't help them in the long term. They have been complacent and are behind in every way. Challenge them to be market leaders, not just wish for it. This is the reason they let windows phone fall into obscurity.

        Yes, Apple have just fudged their way by spending millions on flattening buttons. Pity MS could steal that business model too, ay?

          "I'm sorry, but your comments are those of a fanboy, so any response just won't meet your approval."

          After reading your other posts here, I was wondering if you've met my friend Kettle? Kettle, this is Mr Pot.

      I agree. MS tried to make a tablet with a full blown OS on it. It just wasn't feasible. Their wasn't a battery small enough or powerful enough to run it longer than 2 hours, the SSD's didn't exist in big enough sizes to hold an OS, let alone storage for apps and the RAM needed. The cost was massively prohibitive.

      Apple saw that at the time everything had to scaled down to put on a tablet that was usable and cost effective. MS had to wait until other industries had the batteries and SSD's for full blown windows on a tablet. This is where Apple, as hardware designers, had the advantage.

      MS have always been limited by their foresight.

      I don't know. When it comes to the iPad I've got to say Apple had a lot of vital advantages running off the success of the iPod and iPhone. There were a lot of people buying iPads who had no idea why they needed an iPad. That's not to say all iPad owners were like that, but they were there in great enough numbers to provide the boost the concept needed to get off the ground and create a market. I think if Microsoft had of released the iPad with exactly the same everything, minus the Apple name, it would have left too many people asking 'why wouldn't I just get a laptop' and been a flop.
      That said I have to admit they made a solid device. Even though I'm not an Apple fan I still praise them for being smart enough to make an OS designed from the ground up for portable devices, breaking that ridiculous trend of trying to mimic Windows 95 on a 6cm screen.

      No, they failed for the same reason the first gen MacBook Air failed - the hardware wasn't up to it yet. An iPad couldn't run Windows to save its life and if anyone other than Apple had released it, no-one would have bought it because PC users actually expect their computers to be useful and productive.

    As others have pointed out, it's not the world's most realistic advertisement. But then again, the very popular Old Spice ads are far less realistic and barely had anything to do with the product at all. Advertising is about engaging an audience, and showing a product in a positive light to create a lasting 'image' associated with that product.

    The point of the ad is to highlight Windows 8's multi-tasking and picture-in-picture capabilities - a feature that Windows 8 devices have, which the iPad probably will never have. That's a fair point for MS to make, considering that iPads and Win8 tablets are competing products in terms of price and target market.

    Making the iPad guy look a bit clumsy and inept is not really called for, but it's par for the course in this market. Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and many others are all guilty of similar tactics. All's fair....

    By the way, this ad is not for the Surface as some have suggested. The device is clearly a Dell product of some sort.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    Ah the realm of advertising, the only place you could be selling a camel, and infer it was yacht whilst being totally serious...

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    I wish companies could make advertisements without feeling the need to take a stab at competitors. Microsoft seems to be the most guilty of this, and I think that, rather like the Liberal party taking stabs at the Labor party, it's because they can't say anything good about themselves so they resort to cheap shots at the competition.
    It would have been just as effective to make an advertisement showcasing the Surface's multitasking abilities exactly as is done in the ad, without making the comparison, and I wouldn't have a bad taste left in my mouth or the impression that they feel they need to undermine the competition to succeed. It just comes off as insecure.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Now here is a 'helpful comment'

    All the scout with the iPad had to do what shut up!
    When the scout with the windows surface started talking, the stats were being fed to his own boss anyways. He could have been smart enough work on the player's contract!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    MS thinking of dethroning Apple's tablet reign though it seems Android is way ahead of them...

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I feel like they are making the Microsoft tablets in to a one trick pony. I feel this is the only feature they have really advertised, that is side by side apps. Is it really that killer feature? Isn't it kind of a desktop thing? and if we are comparing desktop multi-tasking I would prefer OSX's Hot corners (Expose) any day over Window's window side by side view (snap) .

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    As someone once said:
    "Don't waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself."

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

      Unless you're Apple, in which case, go ahead and make as much fun of the competition as possible, everyone will love you for it!

    have you seen the latest efforts by apple?

    the one about designed in california, shows NOTHING about the ipad, nothing at all..

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

      You obviously don't get it. The ads are about Apple and what they stand for. Design. Simplicity. Usability. Not an ad for an iPad. Geez.

    In reality the iPad user simply swipes four fingers up or left to reveal the next app or pick the stats app that most certainly has been open recently since the scout would have been looking at it earlier.

    Pretty dumb, also the iPad user will still be rocking on battery power long after the surface has gone dead...

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

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