Kogan Mobile Putting All Its Prices Up

Kogan Mobile Putting All Its Prices Up

Take note, misers: cheap pre-paid telco Kogan Mobile is on the cusp of putting its prices up. How much will you pay now for Kogan access?

Kogan Mobile is emailing customers right now to inform them of the price increase, which will take effect from 31 July 2013.

The new plan table is below:

…compared to the old pricing:

As you can see, Kogan Mobile is putting up prices across the board. The old $29 30-Day plan now goes up to $39, the old $79 90-Day plan goes up to $99, while the old $299 365-Day plan goes up to $329. Even the old $9.99 2GB data-only option goes up, with pricing to come in at $14.99 from 31 July.

These new, higher prices, nab you exactly the same amount of value as they used to in terms of inclusions, so it’s a case of more for less from Kogan Mobile these days.