Kogan Mobile Putting All Its Prices Up

Take note, misers: cheap pre-paid telco Kogan Mobile is on the cusp of putting its prices up. How much will you pay now for Kogan access?

Kogan Mobile is emailing customers right now to inform them of the price increase, which will take effect from 31 July 2013.

The new plan table is below:

...compared to the old pricing:

As you can see, Kogan Mobile is putting up prices across the board. The old $29 30-Day plan now goes up to $39, the old $79 90-Day plan goes up to $99, while the old $299 365-Day plan goes up to $329. Even the old $9.99 2GB data-only option goes up, with pricing to come in at $14.99 from 31 July.

These new, higher prices, nab you exactly the same amount of value as they used to in terms of inclusions, so it's a case of more for less from Kogan Mobile these days.



    Shiiiiiiit just bought 2 sims last week.

    These new, higher prices, nab you exactly the same amount of value as they used to in terms of inclusions, so it’s a case of more for less from Kogan Mobile these days.

    Contradict yourself much?

    Nice, 2 days before I have to recharge they email me to say that they are upping the price by 33%. in Their ToS they stated they would give two weeks notice.
    $5 more than Aldi and $10 short of full telstra.... Not a shelf that you want sit on really.

    Considering the other options now. My reception has been no better than it was on virgin and have had a few issues like being delivered the same text messages 10 or so times and people not being able to call me when I had full reception.

    I feel like this was the plan all along.

      I think you may well be right. Start off with a very cheap plan to get the users signed up and after a few months charge much closer to the market rate.

        Agreed guys...it's all about gluttony.

    It looks like I'm switching to Aldi. My service kept dropping out for a minute or so every once in a while anyway, and the 1GB isn't that much of a difference.

      You will get the same service with regards to the drop outs. It is the same thing/service.

        I know, and for $29 a month, I didn't mind. But now that I have a cheaper option with ALDI, its a course that ill have to pursue

      Had a look at Aldi,
      unfortunately depending on usage,
      the $39 plan on unlimited is still offering more,
      massive price rise though !

    I've had a good run from Kogan and have been very happy with the service although I'm not a large user. I used the 90 day option and a price increase of 25% is a bit hefty. I'll certainly look at reverting to Amaysim.

    WAS a very happy Kogan mobile customer. A full 10 dollar hike for the 30 day plan is ridiculous. I will no longer be spruiking kogan mobile to any friend who will listen. Instead I'm going to stay on but keep my eyes open for better deals.

    A two or three dollar increase per month would be understandable.

    Also, the one day notice which is (apparently) against kogans own conditions shows disregard for customers.

    Poor form, Kogan. Very poor form.

    I currently get the $10/mth 2GB data for my padlet.
    Probably won't renew my subscription again. Just disabled auto-renew.

    Aldi here I come.

      I moved to Aldi about a month back from Telstra, i'm finding it a better experience. Cheaper everything, I opted for the 365 day expiry on my credit and just get a 2GB data pack, I think it works out well. Definitely the pick of the budget telco's imo.

    Aldi still best value. Got the whole family using the service.

    The fact I got the email on the 29th about the price hike that comes into play on the 31st is enough for the big F U to kogan and off to aldi I go.

    I'm just glad the stock "Kogan" photo has changed. I feel a little less creeped out by this one

    Am I the only one that never trusted Kogan at all? Do they even have access to Next G? Boost Mobile do.

      No, they're buying from a 3rd party who buys from Telstra. Boost are partnered directly with Telstra so they get full access to Next G, where as Aldi & Kogan get part access, which is just 3G. Which I have found to be less congested than when I was on Telstra's Next G service =/

    When they launched it the referred to the pricing as introductory so not surprised its going up.
    Boost is $40 with 3gb data and full next g (and 4g if u manage to pull off the sim Rort going around)

    Last edited 29/07/13 6:22 pm

    You're all crying pissheads. $2.5 per month increase on the annual plan? Woah, end of the world shit right there people..

      The cost has gone up 33% and 25% for the 30 and 90-day packs respectively. That's preeeetty substantial and I can understand why they're annoyed.

      Also, before anyone suggests they should have bought the 365-day pack, I imagine a large proportion of people didn't want to be locked in* for so long in-case Kogan pulled something silly out of their arse.

      *I realise you're not technically locked in, however if you've just put down $300 on something for a year's worth, you're kind of obliged to get your money's worth.

      Happy with ALDI here.

        Relatively substantial - granted.

        Absolute terms, we are talking piss-ant increase here. A beer at an expensive pub. Two beers at a more modest pub. Each month.

    The price hike is one thing but the short notice is what has really pissed me off. As someone else said I think this was planned all along. I'm off to try Aldi or amaysim kogan seemed dodgy in general.

    I got ripped of twice by Kogan - Saying I had used up 2GB of data when I had 2 data loggers saying I used 200mb. I was also charge for using a SIM 2 months after I had binned it. Zero customer care too. I'm on Aldi Mobile now 100 times better. Avoid Kogan.


      I'll sign this petition! *Scribble scribble*!

    Can't get a sim from Kogan for weeks anyway and $20 delivered when you can. Sims available at Aldi $5 and you get that back. Looks like Kogan mobile is heading for a big FAIL!

    On a positive note they do offer yearly rates which Aldi doesn't as yet. I'm walking into Aldi today.

      I did a test, bought a 5 dollar Kogan sim & a 5 dollar Aldi sim. The Kogan sim took almost 2 months to get to me, the Aldi sim arrived within a week, had to buy online from Aldi since my closest store was out of them. Hmm. Pretty pathetic on Kogan's behalf.

        Yeap I was right aldi will do better in the long run with the price rise from kogan they should supply next g that big price jump and aldi you can call international numbers on there unlimited plan as for kogan you need a bolt on pack shame on you kogan

      Bought a couple of Aldi sims and phone was ported within 3 hours. Interestingly the Aldi store mentioned that Salmat was buying heaps so I suspect the fair use policy for Aldi will tighten in the coming months as big business rort consumer offerings.

    Was considering changing to Kogan when my current contract runs out, but I very much doubt it now. Boost's $40 plan sounds great and I don't mind sacrificing 3GB of data for full Next G acess; I only get 1.5GB per month at the moment anyway and I've never gone over that.

    Was looking at switching to kogan yesterday,read the reviews.customer support horrific.if you need to buy extra data your 3/12 month contract terminated ( money lost) troubles switching numbers ( no customer support ) and now a last second price hike! They can go and get F. aldi uses Telstra? ( I go bush a bit)

    If i buy a sim today and sign up for the $30 month unlimited will i still get it? Also how long does it take to port a number from boost?

    activated 2 data only sims last weekend - 9 days now and neither has appeared on my dashboard as activated. I smell a rat...

    Otherwise have been happy with Kogan although my wife has a few friends who cannot phone her and is unhappy with their support. Seriously they asked her for evry phone number that couldn't phone her...how is she supposed to know??

    Otherwise nothing to complain about, my 365 day plan goes until October. A few data blackspots (Spit Junction!) and a bit slow but the price is (or was) right.

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