Is The Plank Lounger The Lounge Chair's Platonic Ideal?

If you stare at the low-riding wooden Plank Lounger long enough, you might feel like you're on holidays, basking in the sun beneath some beautiful mountain. That is if you have a really vivid imagination and extreme focus. But even if you don't have those things, you can probably agree that it appears to be just about the perfect lounge chair.

Designed by Eric Pfieiffer for Coucil, the simple chair mimics the shape of a classic Adirondack chair, with a low-slung back that almost scrapes the ground. All the superfluous details have been stripped away — it's made of weather-treated pine slats on a powder-coated steel frame. Its clean lines are modern and simple, and it can come with or without arms. Look here for info on how to buy a Plank Lounger. How could you resist? It just looks like it's inviting you to come sit. What more can you ask for from a freaking lounge chair? [Council via Design-Milk]

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