Is Nokia Working On A Bendy, 6-Inch Phablet?

Is Nokia Working On A Bendy, 6-Inch Phablet?

Take this with a grain of salt. According to the online rumour mill, Nokia may (or may not) be working on a six-inch phablet which may (or may not) have a flexible screen. Here’s a look at the evidence…

The rumours started a couple of weeks ago when Chinese website WPDang posted a pic of a monstrous looking smartphone sporting a tell-tale Lumia finish and Windows Phone interface. The @leakschina Twitter account then tweeted the same image which it claimed was a six-inch phablet called the Nokia Bendit:

Today, more images emerged of a glass screen fresh off the factory floor which appears to fit the same dimension as the Bendit.

Assuming this mystery product really is called the Bendit, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that it could be a flexible smartphone. Why else would it be called the “Bendit”? When you consider that LG, Samsung, Sharp, HP , Sony and others have all trotted out flexible screen prototypes in recent years, the idea isn’t that far-fetched.

Like we said, we advise you take all this with a grain of salt. (Actually, take the whole damn salt shaker.) But if it turns out to be true, you heard it here first! Possibly.