New iPhone Apps: Visual 2.0, Foresee, And More

New iPhone Apps: Visual 2.0, Foresee, And More

Need to give your bike a tuneup? Last minute preparations for your upcoming bereavement of Google Reader? What about getting some outdoor activity? Or maybe you’re just looking to cower under your tinfoil hat and mull over the PRISM scandal for a while? Well lucky you, we have just the thing.

Bike Doctor: For the beginning (or even experienced) cyclist, making your own bike repairs can seem like a daunting task. Most bike repair guides you’ll find around the ol’ internet can be complicated labyrinths of instruction that end up doing more harm than good. But taking your wheels to a pro can come with a major price tag. Bike Doctor wants to give you the knowledge you need to save a trip to the shop — but in an easy, digestible form that’s useful to all walks of the bicycle world. [$5]

Highly Visual 2.0
: Especially with the upcoming demise of Google Reader, RSS alternatives abound. But how do you pick the one that’s right for you from all the riff raff? Well, if you’re someone who’s feed tends to stick to the more image oriented, Highly Visual 2.0 may be exactly what you’re looking for — at least in a mobile reader, that is. It lets you browse your feed with a heavy focus on the images. Or rather — the entire focus is on the images. Zip through the articles in your feeds’ by browsing rows of pictures alone. You can choose for Highly Visual to auto-populate a topic on its own, or you can create your a customised feed all your own. [$3]

: If there are weather apps, calendar apps and to do list apps, there should be an app that spits out an optimal schedule for you to follow. What’s the point of jogging in the rain and then doing laundry when the sun comes out? Or maybe you like to run in the rain because it cools you off. Or you’re really pale and trying to avoid direct sun. Whatever. It’s between you and Foresee now. Basically Foresee has you input the activities you like/want to do and then asks you to give specific weather parameters for each, from temperature to precipitation and even cloud cover. [$1]

: Hyper Paranoid, rejoice! You can finally enjoy all the fun of Instagram and Facebook without any of the crippling social fear and anxiety, because Intamatic takes any of your photo and, using face detection technology, blurs out any identifying features. You still get to show off your feet, sunsets, clouds, feet under a cloudy sunset, what have you, and never worry that the government hounds are on your every move. Because a picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it pays to keep your mouth shut. Snitches get stitches. [Free]