iPad Apps Of The Week: Guide, WunderMap, And More

The iPad offerings were all over the place, jumping from intensive weather details to a news-reading puppy to enough emoji to ensure that you never have to use words for feelings ever again. But then again, that's what life is all about, after all — anthropomorphized dogs and avoiding face-to-face human interactions at all costs. Or something like that.

WunderMap: The Weather Underground, the very first online weather service (we think) has finally come to iPad. You'll get everything you've come to love about the service including viewing weather station webcams and get down to as many levels of detail as you want by choosing various map layers for satellite, radar, and weather station readings. [Free]

GroupMe: GroupMe's a lifechanger. You should use it. This week it got emoji (good) that for some insane reason use its logo in place of a human head, and then attach things like beards and devil horns and headphones to it (uhh). The emoji update is just on iOS (iPhone and iPad), but will be on Android and Windows Phone 8 "soon". [Free]

Guide: A news app for the reading disinclined, Guide is essentially an RSS that talks to you. You choose which topics pique your interest, and the app then takes you to news pieces you might find interesting. At that point, though, is when an adorable virtual puppy takes over and reads until he can't read no more (or until you tell it to stop). You can even add your own sources that the app might not already have pre-loaded. At the very least, it's a fun way of staying up-to-date when your eyes have to be busy elsewhere. [Free]

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