iiNet To NBN Co: Get Your Sh*t Together Or We Walk

iiNet To NBN Co: Get Your Sh*t Together Or We Walk

Cracks are beginning to emerge in the relationship between NBN Co and Australia’s ISP industry, with an iiNet-shaped crack now opening up a hole big enough to fall through. The simple message from a senior iiNet general? Fix your pricing or you’re “f**cked”.

The dire warning that NBN Co will lose the support of the telco industry comes out of the mouth of Steve Dalby, iiNet’s chief regulatory officer.

He’s told the AFR that NBN Co needs to drop the wholesale access price to manageable levels or suffer the wrath of a scorned telco industry.

Dalby says that the NBN Co needs the telco industry more than the telco industry need NBN Co, and if nobody signs their agreements or agrees to the Special Access Undertaking that determines the wholesale access pricing to the nationwide fibre network, then the company rolling out Australia’s largest infrastructure project is “f**ked”. Strong stuff.

Read the full report for the full spray. [AFR]