iiNet To NBN Co: Get Your Sh*t Together Or We Walk

Cracks are beginning to emerge in the relationship between NBN Co and Australia's ISP industry, with an iiNet-shaped crack now opening up a hole big enough to fall through. The simple message from a senior iiNet general? Fix your pricing or you're "f**cked".

The dire warning that NBN Co will lose the support of the telco industry comes out of the mouth of Steve Dalby, iiNet's chief regulatory officer.

He's told the AFR that NBN Co needs to drop the wholesale access price to manageable levels or suffer the wrath of a scorned telco industry.

Dalby says that the NBN Co needs the telco industry more than the telco industry need NBN Co, and if nobody signs their agreements or agrees to the Special Access Undertaking that determines the wholesale access pricing to the nationwide fibre network, then the company rolling out Australia's largest infrastructure project is "f**ked". Strong stuff.

Read the full report for the full spray. [AFR]



    Hey iiNet, if you are not on board you will lose my account.

    I've said it before, and I'll go on record as saying it again.
    The NBN is, and always has been a turkey.
    Time will tell if I'm right or if I should throw away my crystal ball./s ;)
    (I kinda hope I'm wrong though)

      what do you mean a turkey? I sign up more and more NBN services each day and see areas get completed and construction started. This is actually happening and I can see the progress in front of my eyes.

        There are downsides for a business perspective. Areas where the NBN is being rolled out, Telstra is not putting in any copper at all that wasnt already there. For communication redundancies it has become a massive pain the arse for my clients

    Come on Luke, a simple mistake in the 3rd sentence. That's the 2nd time today I've seen one of your articles with the words "your" and "you're" used incorrectly.

    "Fix your pricing or your “f**cked"
    Really? "Your" instead or "you're"? Is this CEO 13 and does he wear a hoodie and tracksuit pants to work?

      Good thing he never actually said those words in the report then, huh?

        “NBN Co needs us more than we need them and that is not portrayed in any way by their attitude,” he said. “If nobody signs their [wholesale broadband agreement] and nobody agrees with their SAU and they have no success as a business then they’re f---ed.

        So a mix of paraphrasing and interpretation but duffinately some strong words used. Duffinately.

        I'm responding to what WAS written here. ;)
        It has been edit now though to correct it.

      "Get Your Sh*t Together Or We Walk" - they got one out of two right.

      Actually "your" is correct - it is the possessive form of you; "you're" is short for "you are" which is not what was meant here.

      ... You realize that 'your' is the correct usage here right? Unless you genuinely think he meant to say "Fix you are pricing".

      If we're being Grammar Nazis here, you used two and's in a row when you should have used a comma in place of the first.

      See how annoying and useless it is?

    This is just showboating by iiNet. Unhelpful public comments in an election year to try and force a decrease in the wholesale price.

    It's so true. NBN Co has based pricing on existing packages. When you bring this huge data pipe to my door and I D/L a terabyte in a week, what then? Get shaped to 256k or worse purchase extra data packs. The end user will get ripped big time. I think I might just keep my copper, happy with that.

      The current scheme is that the copper network will be shut down 18 months after the nbn goes live in a given area. You will be upgraded or have no phone line.

        Where did you pull that lovely little gem from?
        The copper will not be shut down, they're just not planning on maintaining it. Vast difference.

          From what I've read you can't really say it's maintained now.

          They will be shutting down all services on the copper. So not much use keeping your services on it when they rip out the equipment in the exchange.

        Analogue TV was also supposed to be phased out soon after Digital. I understand that's it's a different scenario, but I'd be surprised if the copper is shut down within 5 years of completion.

          Given the govt. stands to make more money out of the NBN than they do out of digital tv, don't count on it being around much longer than that...

      You can have my copper too if you like

    Hmm..reads just like previous comments from ISPs referring to Telstra.Some things change..some things stay the same.

    Maybe they should make their own fibre network or STFU.

      They do. Just not at the scale of the NBN

        No they didn't. They bought it. That's all Iinet do, buy out.

        They even cancelled expansions on TransACTs FTTN BEFORE the NBN because it wasn't worth the bottom line.

        This is nothing but empty posturing. Iinet will have ZERO customers if they don't use the NBN in a few years.

          Now, now, iinet do more than just buy out. They buy out AND fuck up, that's two whole things

          I miss the old netspace, split caps that were almost usable and they didn't count uploads... ahh those were the days.

            The 4 seperate times I've been with iiNet (locational issues as to why Im not now), I cannot say I ever had one single problem with them. Personally I'd rank them the best I've had so far ahead of Telstra and Optus.

            As far as 'that's all iinet do, buy out', well now, if the infrastructure is already there and it's capable at that point, why would you not? Would it not be stupid to spend that money or more creating a similair infrastructure to do the same job?

            It's just basic business economics.

              Oh they're still vastly better than most of the competition but ultimately my service has gone downhill in terms of value since the takeover. At least they've not let reliability slip

    Got to wonder why they're bothering with this when we are currently able to get 45+ megs from 4g ....

    Makes me wonder what would be cheaper and quicker to setup in a large scale. Sure, latency would be higher, but I still get faster speeds on my mobile then I do from adsl2 ....

      Unfortunately wireless services have issues of their own, such as spectrum shortages and congestion, which aren't issues for cabled services such as the NBN.

      Wireless is not mean for large scale and consistency.

      This again? Wireless is shared. You'd be lucky to get 45kb/s when a dozen nearby houses are sucking up all the cell's bandwidth with YouTube, gaming and torrents.

    No, NBNCo was forced pricing by the ACCC. They're the ones they need to lynch.

    Pot, Kettle, etc

      When you change over to Fibre you will be much more happy with them.

    it's about time someone treated the telco industry with contempt.

    So in about 3-5 years, all that foxtel and optus wiring they put in alongside (underside) power lines will be useless.. That should be a few $mill of copper in that too...
    Better sort out this pricing, your rolling out and ISP's are expecting to sell this stuff to make it all a reality.

    iinet has always been the best ISP

    lol, methinks iinet has it slightly wrong...they say "if nobody signs blah blah", but the truth is, if nobody signed....somebody would sign, and they could drop their costs because they would have a monopoly on the customers.

    Now i'm not saying there isn't problems with the pricing structures, but Steve Dalby is kinda wrong, there is a balancing act with the costs, and relatively few players mean the costs a much better.

      Careful you're confusing the Government sector with the Commercial sector here.. It doesn't work quite the same.

    Well, once a premises is serviceable on NBN there is 18 months before a forced termination from copper. Not shut down exactly but equivalent for the end user. Some special PSTN services are currently exempt from this.

    Speaking of getting their shit together, I'm still waiting for iiNet to get back to me about the harassment I received while working for them for years.

    This whole article is really a laugh, iinet doesn't have the choice to walk on a project of such magnitude. Either their in or they miss out.

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