If You Can Spare $1000, You Can Buy This Insanely Expensive iOS App

If You Can Spare $1000, You Can Buy This Insanely Expensive iOS App

With heavy competition and shifting business models driving most mobile apps into the $0.99 and freemium categories, it’s strange to think some companies are pushing in the other direction. How expensive can you make an app and still have people buy it? Well, it appears $1049.99 isn’t out of the question.

What app could possibly cost over a thousand bucks and better yet, what might said app provide its users? VIP Black, from iVIP Ltd., says it’ll give owners access to “extra-special experiences” including, but not limited to, “upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packages” and “other unique privileges”, as long as you’re rocking up to places under the umbrella of the company’s “global range of luxury partners”.

Unfortunately, dumping a grand on the app does not automatically grant you these benefits. Upon purchase, you’ll have to prove you’re one of the worthy ones — a “High Net Worth Individual”. To do this, be prepared to show you have an income or assets “in excess of £1 million”.


OK, so it’s clear none of us are the target audience, but if you were wondering if these sorts of apps exist, well, they do. TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler has gone to the trouble of compiling a list of these “one percent” apps, with VIP Black just one of a number of programs that would dry out the bank accounts of normal folk.

So, if you’d like to check out what you’re missing out on, be sure to check the article out.