If The Budget iPhone Is Real, We Hope It Looks Like This

Rumours of a “budget iPhone” feel like they’ve been swirling around the Internet for ages, but it’ll still be a while before we know if they’re real. If they are though, we hope they look as jaw-droppingly awesome as these renders.

These hypothetical budget iPhones were whipped up by our good friend Martin Hajek, and damned if they don’t look like a rainbow of reasonably priced delight. We’ve always thought coloured iPhones would be fun.

Martin’s models are based on everything that’s leaked out about the budget iPhone so far — which is to say “virtually nothing” — but prove that a plastic iPhone could look great. Martin even went so far as to imagine what Apple’s homepage might look like repping these bad boys.

We’ve still got a few months before Apple’s big fall event rolls around and so far all the “leaks” have been suspicious as hell. But if and when the budget iPhone bursts on the scene, we’d be happy to shell out for shells like these.

Thanks Martin!