Hulu And Vdio Lodge Australian Trade Marks

This could be interesting. US video services Hulu and Vdio have lodged local trade marks in Australia, which strongly suggests new streaming services could soon be appearing on our shores...

According to the trademark sentinels over at TM Watch, both Hulu and Vdio (the video streaming offshoot of Rdio) snapped up Australian trade mark applications last week.

Intriguingly, the trade mark lodged by Hulu encompasses a range of specific classes including Class 9 ("Recordable and pre-recorded media; digital media, namely, streaming or downloadable audio-visual content in the fields of news, entertainment, sports, comedy, drama, music, and music videos; computer software, namely, downloadable players for audio-visual content"), Class 28 ("Action skill games; arcade games; board games; card games; balls; balloons; video games") and Class 42 ("Computer services, namely, hosting a website featuring audio-visual content in the fields of news, entertainment, sports, comedy, drama, music, and music videos").

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean we'll be getting either service any time soon. Netflix has been making noises about launching in Australian for years, and it too holds an Australian trade mark, which was registered back in 2012. And yet, we still haven't received an official local version of the service.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's about time Australia got some decent streaming services that don't cost an arm and a leg. While we continue to twiddle our thumbs, here's a guide to the best legal video services that are currently available in our country.


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    Now only if my internet connection was reliable enough to stream things properly........

    And we'll probably get charged at least double what the US does for subscriptions.

      Yeah, well wages and rental are far higher in Australia...
      What's that?
      Where do we pay rent or wages in Australia?
      They're higher and you can't argue against that OK, that's why our prices need to be higher.

      well for the free version i guess i could fork out double the money for it.

    And it's not just a matter of whether or not they will actually come and setup shop here.. or even when they will.. but what will they do here... Quickflix has already been established for a while and it's still not bringing anything remotely as good to the table as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime are in the US/Canada.

    Look at Amazon.. they've had the market for a while in books (obviously) and then the Kindle and the Kindle Fire.. now they have Prime.. but they are still lagging in terms of on-demand content on Prime and we don't even have a local Amazon for books let alone the digital content.. it's all through US or UK..

    I'm just being realistic based on what I've seen in the past.. setting up the service is one thing.. but publishers and content owners have the final say as to what is actually allowed to be shown to our region.

    Even if Hulu does come here, doesn't mean we will get the content they get there as still get messed up by publishing rights. Happens with the itunes store when i get the message, this item is only available in the US Store. I do use a VPN so that's how i get around it and how i actually access Hulu now but it would be so much easier if didn't have to the maze of configuration to get decent content.

    I use Hola for Hulu and fill in some gaps with Quickflix, but I think I might drop my Quickflix subscription altogether if I could use Hulu Plus without any ethical grey area whatsoever!

    We do have decent streaming services that don't cost an arm and a leg. They're called Netflix and Hulu (Courtesy of

    It will only work if ISP start putting Hulu and such in the "free" section of your internet plan like many do for iView

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