Honda Sure Has Made Some Awesome Stuff Over The Years

From dirt bikes to corporate jets. Family sedans to autonomous robots right through to a car that emits nothing but water vapour: Honda has made some pretty awesome stuff over the years. Don't believe me? Watch this great video that shows you exactly what you should be thanking the Japanese manufacturer for.

In other news: I gotta get my hands on one of those autonomous lawn-mowing robots. Believe it.

I can't stop watching this incredible video where one tiny bolt gets turned into all the awesome Honda inventions, gadgets and concepts we've seen over the years.


    Love it.
    Clever ad. I can see why you like watching it.
    But if you do get one of those mowers Luke, please be mindful of the bunnies. :)

    One of the coolest adds ever! Awesome...i like Honda even more now!

    I think this one's better:

      Yeah, that one's a classic.

      I actually like both of these videos quite a lot. They remind me of how cool Honda used to be, instead of how boring they are.

      Last edited 04/07/13 5:28 pm

    That is the coolest thing on the internet, hands down.

    How about an "EDITOR who can watch a video which starts with a "NUT" and then wax lyrical about same video starting with a "BOLT". No job for Luke in any hardware store I've ever been in.

    The details escape me, but from memory they started with making firearms. Or somthing to do with firearms. Cool ad though.

    The Cog ad will always be my favorite ad for Honda or anyone

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