Holy Frak! Is A Battlestar Galactica TV Reboot Imminent?

Holy Frak! Is A Battlestar Galactica TV Reboot Imminent?

For the past week, a mysterious YouTube channel has been counting down to, well, something. According to the blogging sleuths over at The Daily Dot, this “something” is a brand new TV series of Battlestar Galactica. Cast your eye over the evidence and judge for yourself…

For the past three years, the Pronunciation Book YouTube channel has offered audio clips of innocuous words and phrases spoken in English. A few days ago, things started to get interesting.

“Something is going to happen in 77 days,” the video promised ominously, accompanied by around ten seconds of dead air. Since then, each subsequent clip has teased additional clues which have been whipping various online forums into a frenzy.

The full list of messages to date can be seen below. (Each new clip shows a static number which have been counting down from 77):

  • 77: “Something is going to happen in 77 days.”
  • 76: “I’ve been trying to tell you something for 1,183 days.”
  • 75: “I’m awake now. Things are clearing up. I’m not saying the words anymore.”
  • 74: “I’ve got a minute, let me tell you what I think is going on.”
  • 73: “Tension between the districts has spiked in the last few months.”
  • 72: “You can see it in the markets. Everyone’s ready for a storm.”
  • 69: “No one is ready. He watches the market.”
  • 68: “I’m not talking about a disaster, I’m talking about a love triangle.”
  • 67: “We fell into the jungle for a summer of dollar-crime.”
  • 66: “We were young heroes, gorgeous liars.”
  • 65: “Turn off the lights and drink a cold glass of water.”
  • 64: “No one is singing, every day is the same.”
  • 63: “We should have listened to Chief.”

The general consensus is that this is some kind of guerilla marketing campaign which would make it one of the most patient and farsighted stunts ever embarked upon — three years for a pay-off is a pretty long time in anyone’s books.

Online news site The Daily Dot is convinced that the audio clues point towards a Battlestar Galactica reboot. As they note, many lines from the countdown directly relate to the New Caprica storyline and other aspects of the TV show. There are several other possible links to the Battlestar Galactica brand, including a manga that was published the same day the countdown started.

To be honest, a lot of the supposed connections are tenuous at best. (Clip 72 is supposed to refer to silicon storms that scramble the circuits of Cylons, for instance. Riiight.) Plus, the whole thing seems a bit too amateur for such a high profile announcement — it sounds like some dude talking into his laptop microphone.

That said, it sure does make for a tantalizing theory. It’s been four years since Syfy’s critically acclaimed TV show finished (excluding spin-offs), which is plenty of time between reboots. You can read the full rundown of clues over at The Daily Dot.

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