Holy Crap: Uber Delivers Ice Cream In Australia Now

Oh Uber. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Uber is today rolling-out an ice-cream delivery service for those of you too lazy to get up and grab your own, with Sydney and Melbourne lucky enough to fall in the global roll-out. Not just any ice cream is being delivered, either: it's delicious Gelato Messina.

What Is Uber?

The concept is simple: download, install and log in to the Uber app on your Android or iOS device, select the "Ice Cream" option and your delicious Gelato Messina will be delivered within minutes by an Uber Black Car driver. Luxury never tasted so good.

33 cities across 10 countries will be getting access to the Uber Ice Cream service from today, including Melbourne and Sydney.

For $20, an Uber Ice Cream car will drop off either a Bounty, Italian Nougat or Salted Caramel with White Chocolate signature flavour to your geo-location, and the fees will — as always — be charged directly to your Uber account for cashless ice cream. Additional tubs can then be purchased for $12.

Uber tells us that ice cream trucks will be concentrated in Sydney's CBD and Eastern Suburbs from 2PM to 10PM today, and demand will be high, so not everyone will scream for ice cream.

So how early is too early to order luxury ice cream? Asking for a friend.

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