Here's Your iHeartRadio For People Who Actually Heart Talk Radio

iHeartRadio is the free streaming audio service of choice primarily for people who love terrestrial radio and want to be able to get their local channels over the web. (Yes! Millions of these crazy people exist.) But until now the service has lacked one of the core components of the airwaves: babbling voices. No more!

iHeartRadio Talk is precisely what it sounds like: Talk radio over iHeartRadio. It launches today, giving you access to 50,000 "audiosodes" of talk radio including Good Morning America, TED Talks and Ryan Seacrest. If that's not a silent majority selection, I don't know what is.

Today, you can get access to iHeartRadio Talk beta on the web, as well as some limited functionality on Android and iOS. Full mobile functionality will launch in September.

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