Here's The Full Onboard Video Of Sebastian Loeb's Record-Breaking Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Yesterday we saw a bit of Sebastian Loeb's record-breaking performance at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, but that video doesn't even begin to show off the touring car champ's frankly breathtaking performance. Get in here and watch the insane onboard video from inside his world-eclipsing Peugeot 208 T16.

Cameras were mounted all over the car for this incredible uphill attempt, including inside the cabin and, from the looks of things, on the front intake too. The view from the front of the car is so

Other than the incredible skills exhibited by Sebastian on his way up the mountain, the most impressive part of this video is the freaking noise that the Peugeot pumps out. Under hard-braking, the turbo whine makes the whole thing sound like a podracer from Star Wars: Episode I. So awesome.

Sebastian Loeb smashed the Pikes Peak unlimited class record by and incredible 90 seconds on the weekend, and he absolutely deserves his record-breaking place in history.

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