GroupMe: Now With Emoji That Look Mostly Insane

GroupMe's a lifechanger. You should use it. Today it received emoji (good) that for some insane reason use its logo in place of a human head, and then attach things like beards and devil horns and headphones to it (uhh).

The emoji update is just on iOS (iPhone and iPad), but it will be on Android and Windows Phone 8 "soon". That's all the details they'd give us, so here's some griping about the one issue with GroupMe in the meantime: When you set it to send messages to SMS, a bunch of them just don't go through, which happens in fits and spurts (at least on Windows Phone and Android). Can someone fix that? I'm just putting it here in case someone reads it.

So hey, emoji, cool? Though it might be cooler to not have them, like one guy I met whose phone doesn't take emoji, so his girlfriend just texts things like "DON'T BE LATE. gun gun gun middle finger kissy face"

GroupMe (free) [iTunes App Store]

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