Foxtel Go Lands On Android…With A Catch

Foxtel Go Lands On Android…With A Catch

Good news, Android users! As expected, Foxtel Go is finally out for Android users. Sort of. Turns out you can only get your hands on it for the Google platform if you’re a Samsung Galaxy user.

For the uninitiated, Foxtel Go is the pay-TV’s catch up service which, until today, had only been available for iPad and iPhone users. The good news is that Foxtel Go also supports broadcast content, too.

Foxtel is celebrating the launch of Go on Android — as well as PC and Mac — today, but there’s a big caveat you have to keep in mind: you can’t use it unless you have a Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Note 10.1, running Android 4.1 or higher. Tough break, the rest of you.

As far as the Galaxy S4 is concerned, Foxtel told us that it hasn’t had the time to port it onto the new smartphone right now, but it’s working as hard as it can. As far as the other Android devices are concerned, we haven’t been given an ETA.

In the meantime, Mac and PC users can now download the Foxtel catch-up app on their laptops and desktops, too.