Finally: A Sub-$5000 4K TV For Australia

Finally: A Sub-$5000 4K TV For Australia

We’ve been watching our Ameri-friends pine over relatively inexpensive 4K/Ultra-HD TVs for some time now, but now there’s a 65-inch UHD set which costs less than $5000 that you can actually buy here in Australia!

It’s creatively named the E5691 from TCL, and it’s a 65-inch edge-lit LED 4K/UHD TV for the comparatively paltry sum of $4999.

Now, $5000 is still quite a lot to spend on a TV, but compared to the amount you spend on some 4K TVs from the likes of Sony, you’ll pocket savings that could buy you a small family car.

The TCL E5691 packs a resolution of 4096×2160, and Smart TV apps including SBS On Demand, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. There are three HDMI ports, 3D-support and also a USB port that supports Time Shift PVR settings.

The new budget 4K TV hits Aussie shelves in September.