Everything This Electric Bike Needs Is Crammed Into Its Front Left Fork

It's usually pretty easy to spot an electric bike coming down the road. Besides the lack of pedalling, they also feature over-sized frames packed with batteries, or bulbous hubs on the side of the wheels for the electric motor. But not Electrolyte's e-bikes. All of the required components — including the battery, electronics and electric motor — are hidden away inside what looks like nothing more than a sturdy shock absorber.

In fact, inside the asymmetrical front fork Electrolyte has managed to cram a 250W electric motor and a battery that's capable of powering the bike for up to 100km in ideal conditions, at a top speed of 24km/h. And the company claims its approach even manages to shave up to 10kg off its models, compared to other bulkier electric bikes.

Electrolyte plans to offer three bikes with compact drivetrain, including a couple of basic two-speed models called the Querschl├Ąger II and the Strassenfeger II that start at just over $5000, and the more elaborate 11-speed Brandstifter II that will come in at just over $6000. That's approaching used car pricing, but if you live in a crowded city, try parking a Honda Civic on your balcony. [Electrolyte via Gizmag]

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