Echo112: A Simple Emergency App That Can Save Lives

Echo112: A Simple Emergency App That Can Save Lives

Already available to the Swiss for over two years, this potentially lifesaving app is finally catching up to US iPhone and Android users.

What does it do?

Uses a GPS signal to send your location to the emergency service of your choice. The website sends the appropriate party your exact coordinates, so all you have to do is hit the big, friendly SOS button should the need arise.

Why do we like it?

The app performs one task and performs it well. It has all the local emergency services already laid out for you. But depending on the emergency, there’s a good chance you’d be unable to calm down enough to get a good bearing of your surrounding location. Everything is as easy as it can possibly be, and if mobile data connection is unavailable, the app will automatically resort to sending out your coordinates over SMS. Plus, it’s free. You’ve got nothing to lose, and who knows — it could end up saving a life.

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The Best: Automatically sends coordinates

The Worst: That big red button is tempting to hit…