Dumb Ways To Die Now Covers Rio De Janeiro

Dumb Ways To Die Now Covers Rio De Janeiro

You know about all the dumb ways to die around Melbourne public transport, but what about if you’re going to Rio? A YouTuber has put together a parody of the award-winning safety campaign to tell people all the dumb ways they’ll die in Rio.

Basically, going to Rio is a dumb way to die. You can be carjacked and stabbed, electrocuted in flooded waters, suffocate on the subway or hit by a crazy bus. It doesn’t sound like a particularly safe place, but this video is still as adorable as the last one.

Honestly, I think this could be a new tourism campaign by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: forget the SmartTraveller website, just start telling people all the ways they could die in different overseas destinations. Nothing like a viral safety message, after all.

The Dumb Ways To Die campaign won a swathe of awards and has now been watched over 52 million times on YouTube.

Here’s the original for some fun: