Core CGT400 Trimmer Review: This Electric Trimmer Is A Gas

Core CGT400 Trimmer Review: This Electric Trimmer Is A Gas

Petrol-powered weed eaters are burly enough to chop down the thickest underbrush, no doubt. But they’re also noisy, smelly and expensive to run. Instead, take the CGT400 Trimmer from CORE GasLess Power for a spin.

What Is It?

A lightweight dual-line electric trimmer that runs on a Li-ion battery pack rather than an extension cord or a two-stroke gas engine.

Who’s It For?

People that don’t want to pay for premium octane just to edge their lawns.


It looks like a normal weed eater with the spinny, choppy bits at one end, a grab bar and trigger in the middle, and the power source counterbalancing the back end. The CGT400’s power cells slides into the rear of the power supply housing while the trimmer end can be swapped out for a hedge trimmer or blowers (though I didn’t test them).

Using It

Assembly was a breeze, just slide the trimmer attachment into the front end of the battery housing and tighten the clamp. Then charge up the Li-ion battery pack, slide it into the rear of the power supply, and you’re ready to go. At 5kg, the trimmer is very light, on par with my rinky dink corded model, and consequently very easy to handle. The .095 line is tough enough to handle most grasses and non-woody weeds. It’s certainly better than the .065 my other electric trimmer wields. While corded trimmers of course have the runtime advantage, the CGT400’s 45-60 minute runtime is more than adequate for the average (sub)urban yard.

The Best Part

I don’t have any exterior power sockets in my back yard, so I used to either have to run an extra 6m of cord to the middle of my garage to plug in my corded trimmer or spend an extra 15 minutes swearing at my petrol trimmer as I tried to get it started. This is the best of both worlds. The CGT400 gives me the mobility of a petrol trimmer without the worries of eating through an extension cord as well as the operational time of and comparable power to a petrol engine without the throat-choking oil-gas exhaust.

Tragic Flaw

Even as Li-ion cells go, this battery pack is cumbersome. Expect to dedicate a chunk of the toolbench to the charging station.

This Is Weird…

Even though the entire rig is just over 4.5kg, the option for a shoulder strap would have been nice.

Test Notes

  • Can also be outfitted with a pair of blower attachments and a hedge trimmer.
  • The battery pack charges completely in about three hours.

Should I Buy It?

Granted, the CGT400 is a bit more expensive than other cordless models — say the Black and Decker 18V — the ability to swap out the spinner head with other power tools is very handy. And unless you’re trailblazing through waist-high weeds or trying to clear acres of land, this sturdy and dependable cordless trimmer is up to the task.

Core CGT400 Trimmer

  • Dimensions: 170cm x 22cm x 18cm
  • Weight: 4kg (5kg with battery)
  • Runtime: approximately an hour
  • Head speed: 7000RPM
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Head type: dual line bump feed
  • Trimmer line: 6m
  • Price: $US260