Australian Telcos Are Rap Battling Each Other On Twitter Right Now...

Guys, people can see you.

After a rap battle broke out between UK telcos, O2 Mobile and Tesco Mobile overnight, someone dared Aussie telcos to have a go.

The results are...well, decide for yourselves.


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    I LoL'd. Especially with the iinet ACCC one! :P

    Naww, I lol'd too. At least they're trying to have some fun. Better than BoA's efforts, that's for sure

    It annoys me that Telstra still tries to tag 'VodaphoneAU'. Come on. It's not hard.

    Whack rhymes from Aussie telecommunications
    While we wait for broadband all throughout the nation

      NBN's in the mix, one way or another. We're getting it out there, patience, my brother.

    Someone needs to have a word to their mothers.

    Right in the middle of this BS came the news that Telstra has been collecting its customers data for the past 10 years and supplying it to the US. And they kept on going. Pathetic.

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      The employees who handle the social networking/marketing for Telstra would be acting semi-autonomously; it's not like they're all in the one office.

    iinet pwned it!! This is awesome, why be haters??

    Anyone else automatically reading the iiNet tweets in an Irish Accent? No? Just me?

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