Aussie Xbox Leaker Reportedly Won’t Open His Laptop For Police

Aussie Xbox Leaker Reportedly Won’t Open His Laptop For Police

There’s trouble at every turn for SuperDaE (aka Dylan Wheeler): the Aussie at the centre of the alleged theft of an Xbox Durango Development Kit before the premiere of the new console a few months ago. Now he’s being accused by police of refusing to comply with police to decrypt his MacBook, but he’s refuting the claims right now.

SuperDaE has been sitting in his apartment for months now, waiting the results of the multi-jurisdictional investigation by the Western Australian Police Service and the FBI in the US over his ownership of the Xbox Durango development console from Microsoft. Before police raided his home, Henry had spent a spell talking to serious characters from Microsoft HQ about his attempted sale of the Durango development kits on eBay.

Now he’s been formally charged by the WA Police for charges not relating to his alleged Durango activity, and it’s now emerging that a reportedly encrypted laptop is at the centre of fresh troubles.

The Data Access Order from the West Australian Police states that SuperDaE had been asked when his laptop was seized to unlock the 15-inch MacBook Pro, but replied that he had forgotten the password as they changed often.

The police are alleging that SuperDaE refused to elaborate further on the composition of the password, but he claims that there was no such encryption on the device:

Here’s the full Data Access Order that SuperDaE posted on Twitter earlier today.

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