Aussie Teenager Charged After 'Bomb Threat' Tweet At Pink Concert

Get ready for the stupidest story you'll read all day.

Image: Paul Kane/Stringer/Getty

A 16-year old boy is facing charges by Victoria Police after allegedly tweeting a lyric to a Pink song at the songstress' concert over the weekend.

The offending tweet allegedly mentioned a bomb in Rod Laver arena, but little did the staff and Police know that it was just a lyric to Pink's hit song "Timebomb".

The alleged offender is under the age of 18 so we can't reveal his name, but here's the tweet itself:

The Police reportedly used the teen's profile picture to locate him in the audience before tossing him from the gig. The Age reports that once the Police realised he wasn't a terrorist, Rod Laver Arena staff allegedly had him charged anyway with being "a public nuisance". Christ.

Overreact much? [SMH]

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