Aussie Caught Driving Car With Pliers As Steering Wheel

Imagine you're the police. Imagine you're in your police car. Imagine eating a doughnut. Imagine complaining about life to your partner. Imagine seeing a car with two obviously blown tyres drive by. Imagine pulling that car over. Imagine seeing that the driver driving the car was using a makeshift steering wheel made from... locking pliers.

This actually happened. There is a person out in this world that thought replacing a steering wheel with pliers would be a good idea (at least it was locking pliers, right). Police in South Australia said that a white sedan was driving dangerously in Adelaide. When they pulled him over, the car was not registered, not insured and had been involved in a previous hit-and-run car crash. Oh yeah, and it had that no steering wheel thing. Just look at it. At least put an Xbox steering wheel or something.

The driver is being charged with driving "while disqualified and returning a positive drug test". Of course. [ABC News]

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