A Weaponized Toilet Brush Crossbow Can Really Clean Up

When Joerg made metal-tipped toilet brushes a couple of months ago I’m pretty sure we were all thinking that they looked pretty tame. OK, true, they violently annihilated a coconut suspended in ballistic gelatin, but they weren’t horrifying, just chillingly effective. But a four shot repeating “monster” crossbow. That would be scary. And that’s what we have here.

Joerg fashioned a crossbow that can shoot four weaponised toilet brushes in under 15 seconds. He was going to use a power drill to make the crossbow fire automatically, but the motorised rotation was messing with the flight stability of the toilet brushes. And we can’t have that. Nonetheless, based on some (delicious) watermelon testing, Joerg notes that the crossbow would “clean out the brains” of a zombie.