A Beach Towel Game Boy That Never Runs Out Of Batteries

For a lot of us, the original Nintendo Game Boy was the best travel companion we could have ever hoped for as a kid. Now, our phones provide suitable distractions during boring flights or car rides. But we've still got a soft spot for Nintendo's old handheld, and we feel honoured at the chance to sprawl out on ThinkGeek's $US20 Beach Boy the next time we're relaxing at the beach.

It's twelve-and-a-half square feet of 100 per cent cotton nostalgia. And it even runs a custom 8-bit surfing game that's perpetually paused mid-curl. Rumour has it that Sega's got a coloured version of this towel in the works, but it will be far too large to fit into your suitcase. [ThinkGeek via Chip Chick]


    Does ThinkGeek ship to Australia yet?

    (I'll admit it's been a very long time since I last looked. But when I did they were American exclusive.)

      Should do, I ordered some stuff from there a few months ago.

        It's just pretty expensive so most people just try and order a decent amount at a time.

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