9 Of The Most Photorealistic Renderings On The Web

9 Of The Most Photorealistic Renderings On The Web

It can be difficult to know what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to digital art these days. But don’t torture yourself worrying about it now. Here are some of the most photorealistic 3D renderings on the web.

Each one is completely synthetic; every single detail generated by madly talented 3D artists. Enjoy.

Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8

Artist: Marcin Gruszczyk

Yes, it is all made using computer graphics only. Even CGTrader‘s CEO, a 3D designer himself, was sitting for a while trying to convince himself that it just cannot be CG art. Marcin Gruszczyk is a master in the digitalisation of reality. He estimates the level of erosion, the softness of the clouds, the tenderness of the lighting. The artist is crazy about the possibilities of computer graphics. We can easily see it. But… really? The background is not a photo?

Under the Southern Highway

Artist: Marek Denko
A gallery of photorealistic renderings is not that photorealistic enough if the guru of extremely tasteful artwork, Marek Denko, is not included. He says that this image has nothing to do with lonely women or old architecture. The concept of Under The Southern Highway was to capture the composition of slightly contrasting elements that do exist together and accidentally create personally important places.


Artist: Marek Denko

This is a rendering from the animation made by Marek Denko’s studio NoEmotion. It looks like a photo-shot by a photographer-beginner, who has no clue about composition, perspective and other refinement of this art. Despite the external simplicity, as a rendering it is stunning, because each part of grass, every bush and all the millimetres of fence do matter here and are modelled with precise devotion. Watch the full animation on Vimeo.

Southern Ground Hornbill

Artist: Leandre Hounnake

No lies, it took quite a while for us all to agree that this bird is a complete masterpiece of computer graphics and not a shot of a crazy wild-life photographer. Look at the feathers and you definitely can feel the warm wind of Africa that ruffles them. Look at the sky blue eyes that change colour while you watch, and a strong beak that speaks to each meal it caught. Look at this perfect combination of black and red. Yeah, I am speechless. That’s it.

Calm Before

Artist: David Lesperance
In my opinion, this rendering is a silent remembrance of the end of the World War II. The scene seems to be set in some kind of communist-type power plant, where hundreds of unknown buttons are installed. And this poor sheet from a calendar points out the 10th of August. It was a day after the second nuclear bombing in Nagasaki, Japan. To support the victims, let’s all read this poem by Edward Lowbury.


Artist: Jan Kristian Volmer
I cannot decide what is the most important in this rendering. Is it highly photorealistic view that took long hours of rendering time? Or is it rigorous ornaments, reminding the morning gifts from winter wind on the kitchen’s window? It can also be the perfect transparency of gauzy glass and appropriate reflections. I guess, all of these are the reasons why you are still not able to redirect your glance. Read an interview with J. K. Volmer and get to know more about his 3D specifics.

It’s Going To Rain

Artist: Denis Lebedev
One more relict from the Soviet Union times. It is just unforgettable. It’s going to rain was created in order to share the authentic landscape of the Post-Soviet realities. The artist actually was highly successful doing it and it is clearly visible in the resulting rendering. The author comprised this artwork from 21 560 931 polygons and modelled all the objects himself. He says, it is going to rain. And a picture really conveys a feeling of the coming rain.
Watch a making of for this scene!

Raspberry Day

Artist: Andrey Kobushenko
There is no better time for such kind of renderings than a hot summer day, when you walk barefoot at grandma’s in the countryside, picking fresh and juicy strawberries from one side and sweet raspberries from another. Paradise. This new image is fully made using only computer graphics software and imagination. Bon appetite!

Old Typewriter

Artist: Marcelo Souza
The new generation can see a typewriter only in a museum or in the attic at grandma’s. At least they can also find it in the pictures. This close up of an old customised typewriter looks pretty simple, but sometimes what seems to be the easiest turns into the hardest. A project Old Typewriter was a study of mood, lighting, shading and geometry. Marcelo Souza, you are good student.

Republished with kind permission from CGTrader.