6 Highly Dangerous ‘Life Hacks’ From 100 Years Ago

6 Highly Dangerous ‘Life Hacks’ From 100 Years Ago

People these days love shortcuts. The world moves at a terrifying pace, and you can either cheat your way to the top or get left behind with the “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” crowd. No one wants that. Even a century ago, our ancestors were struggling with the very same problem. And their trusty neighbourhood cigarette supplier — Gallaher’s Cigarettes — was ready to answer the call.

Mental Floss recently collected 10 of Gallaher’s little tricks and tips, which were tucked inside packs for several years during the 1910s. Each card touted its own hack for a highly modern, highly dangerous life. Because if everyone dies from electrocution and wild dogs, who’s left to keep smoking? We picked our six favourite below, but you can see the full list here. [Mental Floss via Design Taxi]

Before refrigerators, nothing kept your eggs fresh quite like a tasty salt bath. Want to spice things up? Replace the salt bath with bath salts. Last one to cannibalise their neighbour is on dish duty!

Wild dog attack? Just grab the nearest 10-foot bamboo pole. The dog in front will be distracted by the disguise while the dog in back will be distracted by your vulnerable, delicious friend. Run fast! Dogs eat quickly.

The ol’ palm hickey trick. Great for getting out splinters, even better for making sure that your lady or gentleman caller knows you hold good hand.

Need to light a match in the wind? blocking with your hand is only mildly effective; it’s best to increase surface area and make sure the whole thing catches fire. Bonus life hack: third-degree burns are great for garnering sympathy.

Whenever you pass by a middle-aged man-about-town grabbing onto rogue telephone wires just so he can feel alive again, make sure to sneak up on him with your blanket/burlap sack from behind. Everyone loves surprises.

Make sure you filter any questionable drinking water thoroughly. Wouldn’t want anything to contaminate that pure, Ogden’s Cigarettes-flavoured mouth we’ve worked so very hard to create.