50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who To Get Worldwide Simulcast, Hopefully Includes Australia

November can't come soon enough for Doctor Who fans (or those who have birthdays in that particular month), with the 50th Anniversary episode set for broadcast on the 23rd. And that day might be all the more sweeter, with online reports suggesting the show will be televised simultaneously all over the world.

Unfortunately, we don't know if that includes Australia.

A story by Jamie Harris over at Digital Spy states that "global broadcasters have agreed to show the episode at the same time". The article even goes on to use Sydney as an example, with a simultaneous release meaning we'd get it 6am on the Sunday.

That said, there's no confirmation that we actually will get it in such an immediate fashion.

Last year, the ABC got on the front foot with the popular sci-fi series, putting the most recent episode to air within an hour of it showing in the UK. In 2013 however, this awesome initiative was sent to an inaccessible section of the space-time continuum, much to the displeasure of the entire country.

So it's hard to say right now if this news is applicable locally, or if we'll be engaging our spoiler avoidance systems until the episode finds its way to us. Register your ambivalence in the comments.

[Digital Spy, via TV Tonight]

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    Why would we? Australia isn't part of the world...

    I think the Dr Who world is still p***ed with us for giving them Tegan!

    I just hope it makes its way to Australian cinemas, just imagine what Doctor Who would look like on the big screen in 3D!

    Even less chance we'll get it here in NZ. Most of the series are delayed by a month over here, and that's a recent improvement -_-

    I highly doubt we'll get it the same time as everybody else, so I guess I'll just watch it on the BBC website. They upload an hour after the episode shows right? I think...

    Granted, a channel like UKTV which is OWNED by BBC should be able to get it right at the very least...

    On a side note: NZs getting a special anniversary $2 coin with the TARDIS on the non queeny side :p
    Not that I can afford it though :'(

    Last edited 29/07/13 7:06 am

    The BBC sold all its tv programs to foxtel, for next year. So we may not see it on ABC. The BBC sold out all of the fans of Dr Who, Top Gear and QI to pay tv.
    The head of BBC told news reporter the BBC owes the ABC no loyalty. But said nothing about the loyalty of the viewers.
    All the BBC programs will now join Game of thrones, as the most downloaded in Australia.
    Last year Dr Who was the least downloaded /pirated program when it was on iplayer &iveiw at the same time. Next year I may have to rip QI for my mum & Dr Who for my self.
    Tv shows are made great by the viewer's. Very soon BBC and others will start to remember that.

      The ABC has a perpetual contract for Doctor Who episodes - even with the Foxtel deal, the ABC gets first refusal on any new episode of Doctor Who produced by the BBC:


        thanks for this, didn't see that.

          No problem.

          If it's any consolation:

          (1) the Foxtel deal doesn't preclude content ever going to the ABC, as I understand it - it means that Foxtel gets first run and 12 months of exclusivity. Hopefully, this might lead to some cheaper programming for the ABC in the long run, as it can now argue that they will be buying their BBC material "2nd hand"
          (2) Doctor Who is the biggest money spinner for BBC Worldwide, I think (if I read it right, it accounts for £208m of the ~£600m of revenue BBCW is pulling in). And the real money is in the merchandising, which the ABC has a pretty good grip on, so Foxtel is cut out of the most valuable part of the BBC money-making machine. The second biggest seller is Top Gear, which - while Foxtel does have it - the ABC Shop also flogs copious amounts of its merchandise on the BBC's behalf, so Foxtel is actually giving the ABC free advertising space for those that want to be reminded that Clarkson is releasing another grumbling-diatribe/book that week.

    That is correct, but we the viewer's make that revenue. In watching the show & buying merchandise.
    Top gear dropped in rating when it moved to win tv. That means less revenue, in adds.
    That was the point I was trying to get across. BBC and other's have to be reminded that we made the show great by watching, and if they remove us the show is nothing.
    I have been watching top gear since black stig and the fat guy who tried to sell me a cheap astra.
    And the loyal viewer gets shafted.

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