50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who To Get Worldwide Simulcast, Hopefully Includes Australia

November can't come soon enough for Doctor Who fans (or those who have birthdays in that particular month), with the 50th Anniversary episode set for broadcast on the 23rd. And that day might be all the more sweeter, with online reports suggesting the show will be televised simultaneously all over the world.

Unfortunately, we don't know if that includes Australia.

A story by Jamie Harris over at Digital Spy states that "global broadcasters have agreed to show the episode at the same time". The article even goes on to use Sydney as an example, with a simultaneous release meaning we'd get it 6am on the Sunday.

That said, there's no confirmation that we actually will get it in such an immediate fashion.

Last year, the ABC got on the front foot with the popular sci-fi series, putting the most recent episode to air within an hour of it showing in the UK. In 2013 however, this awesome initiative was sent to an inaccessible section of the space-time continuum, much to the displeasure of the entire country.

So it's hard to say right now if this news is applicable locally, or if we'll be engaging our spoiler avoidance systems until the episode finds its way to us. Register your ambivalence in the comments.

[Digital Spy, via TV Tonight]

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