10 Beautifully Creepy Photos That Turn Centrifugal Force Into Art

According to physics professors, "centrifugal force" isn't actually a unique force at all — it's just a different form of momentum. But centrifugal, uh, effect can lead to some pretty awesome visuals, as shown by photographer Peter Schafrick.

Schafrick, a Toronto-based professional photographer who tinkers with artistic side projects, has long been fascinated by creating still images of fluid in motion. His latest series captures the alluring messiness of paint-soaked toys, dizzied by a home-brew rotating apparatus he calls "The Spinster." Proving that, at least when it comes to art, centrifugal motion is a force to be admired. Here are some of our favourites, but be sure to check out the whole collection. [ThisIsColossal]

Pictures: Peter Schafrick

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