You Can Turn Your HTC One Into A Google Edition With This ROM

Well that didn’t take long. The Google Edition of the HTC One has really only just gone on sale in the US, but already some enterprising hackers have dumped its ROM and made a version any UK HTC One owner can install on their non-Google Edition devices. You didn’t exactlylove Sense, right?

Of course to actually flash this thing to your phone you’ll need to root it, but that’s pretty easy these days. Here’s an all-in-one tool to get you started. The beauty of plopping something like this on your device — a modified version of the Google Edition ROM direct from HTC — is that all the drivers work as you’d expect, so it should be liquid smooth with everything functional.

For those wanting CyanogenMod, we should see HTC’s drivers make their way to other custom ROMs soon, and that goes for the Samsung Galaxy S4 too, while we’re on the subject of Google Editions. There’s never been a better time to be an Android owner, that’s for sure. [XDA via Droid Life]

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