You Can Control Your iPhone With Your Head In iOS 7

Hidden inside the Accessibility settings of iOS 7 is a sneaky new way to control your iPhone (or iPad): with your head. Yep, with simple left or right head movements you can navigate your iPhone. You’ll look a little bit crazy but ooh wow look at you control your iPhone invisibly.

The left or right head movements can act as a home button, a way to open up Notification centre, bring up the App Switcher, tweak the volume, start Siri and act as a tap. 9to5Mac, however, reports that it’s not exactly a fluid controlling method, describing it as a tedious way to navigate since “it cycles through all of the options on the screen and you move your head when it is bordering around the option you want.”

Either way, it looks like Apple is trying out new navigation controls for the iPhone. Most of them will probably end up being silly-ish like the Galaxy S4. [9to5Mac]