Yes! A Real Play-Doh 3D Printer Sounds Like The Best Fun Factory Ever

3D-printing useful widgets and dohickeys is great and all, but sometimes you just want to mess around. And what could be better for that than good old-fashioned Play-Doh? What was once a ThinkGeek April Fool’s prank is now a reality from another company altogether: Meet the 3D PlayDoh printer.

Hyrel 3D, maker of 3D printers in the $US2000 to $US3000 range, has come out with a special extruder that forgoes all that specialised plastic for simpler materials like plasticine, air-drying modelling clay and Play-Doh. You know, for when you just want to have some fun.

3D printers still cost a bit much for toys whether they’re printing with Play-Doh or not, but skipping hot plastic for something reusable and non-toxic could be fantastic for schools where bright little rapscallions are just starting to cut their 3d-printing teeth.

Hyrel 3D doesn’t seem to be selling the extruder on its own, but it will only work with its printers anyway, so you’re on the hook for at least two grand if you want to play. Hopefully, this is a fad that will catch on with some of the other big boys too. Now where are those Bane walkie-talkies? [Hyrel 3D via]