Would You Wear This Air Conditioning Hat If It Actually Worked?

Would you seriously consider wearing a hat with a tiny built-in air conditioner if it actually kept you comfortable? The Cool Smile might look similar to the fan-equipped cap you wore as a kid, but it uses a thermoelectric AA-powered device to draw warmth from your head into an aluminium heatsink to make you feel cooler.

But looking like it does, would it be worth it? It’s great for the elderly who’ve reached an age where they couldn’t care less about what people think of them. But unless we were absolutely convinced this miracle of science would actually free us from the oppressive, miserable heat of summer, the rest of us are probably more willing to sweat away the months than wear this out in public. Maybe even a fancier fedora version might be less awkward. What do you think? [AC Gears via Thrillist]