Who Won Gizmodo’s HTC One Phone?

Who Won Gizmodo’s HTC One Phone?

You love the HTC One. And everyone loves free stuff. So which Gizmodo reader came away as this round’s winner?

Underneath the HTC One’s bright, 4.7-inch, 1080×1920 (469ppi) Super IPS display hides a monstrous 1.7Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, 2GB RAM, a 4MP camera with Ultrapixel technology and up to 32GB storage juiced by a 2300mAh lithium-polymer battery. Learn more…

#HTCOne Comment Comp

This was another fun 24-hour quick fire competition. You used Gizmodo’s special #HTCOne signature box to make helpful and genuinely insightful comments — as always, we had heaps. Look out for another one of these comps in the comings weeks. We won’t give you any notice, though. You’ll just have to stay tuned to Giz. After over 900 comments/entries, the winner this time around was:


Losing smartphones is probably one of the worse thing you can do. Smartphones have all your personal information and they are relatively expensive. Apple Offers iOS users Find iPhone app that is natively built into their devices, however Google doesn’t provide a similar service for Android users. But fret not Android users because Android is an open OS platform and there are plenty of apps available to help you on find your lost phone. SMS Alarm is one option that Ashley Feinberg has suggested, but there are also some other great alternatives:
1) Cerberus A good alternative to help find your phone. With Cerberus you are able to locate and track your device, sound an alarm if its lost near by even if its on silent, remote wipe and lock your device, hide the app from the app drawer, remotely record audio, track last calls made and recieved remotely and more. This is a free App to trial but to keep using the service you have to make a one time payment of less than $5 that will give you a lifetime licence of up to 5 devices. Not bad.
2) Lookout: An amazing app that offers Find-My-Phone features, Antivirus, and Back-up and Restore Options. In regards to the Find-My-Phone features you are able to find your phone on a google map instantly, remote lock with a custom message, have your phone alarm activate remotely even if your device is on silent, remote wipe, and can take a picture of anyone who tries to unlock your device then send the pic to you via email. All of this sounds really great but you only get the Basics for free. You can pay a small monthly subscription or a years in advance to get the full premium features. Worth thinking over if you also see value in all the extras.
3) Wheres My Droid is more like SMS Alarm. You are able locate your device via GPS, activate an alarm when its lost near by and get notified if someone has changed the sim card of your device. Its lighter in terms of features compared to the other suggestions but its also FREE. There is a Pro version that offers more if you are willing to pay for it, but this is a good option if you only want the basics.
I’m sure there is more other Apps available at on the Google Playstore, but Cerberus, Lookout and Wheres My Droid are ones that stand out for me. Some may want to go for the free options, but could you put a price on some of your private information thats on your phone? Its worth the investment- however I will let you decide.
I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered…