What's With The Sudden Recoiling Mudguard Obsession On Bikes?

We've been through a lot with slap bracelets. There were the novel years when everything seemed possible, the painful years when the cruel tide of fashion turned, and the ironic years when it seemed like anything could resurface and claim a place in hipster nostalgia. And now two different groups have Kickstarters for recoiling mudguards. But it's pretty apparent that both products are actually just big slap bracelets, rendering the whole competitive mudguard market totally absurd.

Both products are meant to shield riders' backsides from water and mud spraying up while they're riding. Musguard attaches using velcro while Plume slips onto the seat post and is held in place by the seat. Both are made of plastic polymer. Both look usable. Both are already fully funded even though they have at least 16 days to go in their Kickstarter campaigns (Plume has exceeded its goal by a higher margin and had a higher goal to begin with). Probably one is better. But, as mentioned above, the bottom line is that both are slap bracelets and will need to come in a faux-leopard fur option.

[Musguard, Plume]

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