What Piece Of Technology Would You Put Inside A 100-Year Time Capsule?

As I’ve mentioned before, time capsules typically don’t have the most interesting things in them. You’ll usually be lucky to find a handwritten note and a couple of photos. But, every once in a while, a time capsule will emerge with some cool, decade-defining technology inside.

Our technology — as much as any handwritten letter or newspaper clipping — helps establish who we are and what we value as a generation. Sometimes time capsules will have a telephone, a typewriter, or even an entire car from the era. You’ll occasionally find movie projectors, audio cassettes, cameras and Game Boys stuffed inside the time capsules of generations past. One time capsule in Aspen even contains an early Apple mouse, buried by Steve Jobs himself (though no one has found it yet).

If money were no object, what technology from the early 21st century would you put in a time capsule that was scheduled to be opened in the year 2113?

Picture: Getty Images, JK Rowling buries a time capsule in 2011