What If The Superheroes From The Avengers Existed In Real Life?

What If The Superheroes From The Avengers Existed In Real Life?

Because we don’t have any real-life superheroes in this totally lame world of ours, we obsess over the lives of silly celebrities with beautiful cheekbones and photoshopped curves and cry over athletes wearing fresh laundry. It’s what we call fun! But if superheroes existed on Earth, all those puny humans would never make the cover of magazines ever again. We’d obsess over superheroes all the time.

Prince William? Kate Middleton? Psh. LeBron James? Tom Brady? Who? There would be no Kardashian to fret about. Nobody counting how many chins on Honey Boo Boo’s mother. All of the familiar faces that stare back at you in line of a grocery store and spur 30 second conversations about would be gone. Insert: make-believe people who could actually do stuff. Because that’s much better than real people who actually do make-believe stuff!

MediAvengers created a lovely website that pretends those heroes actually do exist in a world where the paparazzi are permanently watching anyone famous. Kim, the woman behind MediAvengers, expertly parodies the Marvel universe on Earth to hilarious results. She explains:

Articles are written in the style of the publication’s real world counterpart (hence Cap’s great butt in the US Weekly spreads, and the trashy, repetitive, and apparently badly researched nature of the pieces in general).

Every piece is carefully thought out, right down to what information would be ‘allowed’ into the public arena (say hello to Natalie Rushman), and incorporates quotes from the comics and other parts of the Marvel Multiverse to really give it a little more of an authenticity boost.

The fan made project is fantastic. Check it out here.

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