What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

It’s never a boring week on the NBN: how do you feel about living with your copper line for the next 100 years?

Telstra CEO David Thodey came out this week and assured us that there’s nothing wrong with the copper network he said was “five minutes to midnight” in 2003. In fact, he thinks it’s good enough for the next century. Bold.

Staying with Telstra: the telco has come out with its new asbestos-handling procedures to ensure that its sub-contractors deal with the hazardous substance. Meanwhile, in the news-you-probably-should-have-known department, the asbestos training and clean-up mission is “risking delays” to the NBN. No way.

The need for speed continues, as NBN Co upgrades the fixed LTE service to 25Mbps/5Mbps.

Amidst all the arguing about the NBN, the contracts, the quotes and the hear-say, we still don’t really know if we’re doing a right thing thanks to the curse of partisan politics. You can back an independent study into the fibre network on Pozible right now for some clarity, if you like.