What Do You Think Of The New Mac Pro Design?

Apple exploded rumours that it would murder the Mac Pro today. How? Well, by previewing a new badass version of the high power monster that's coming "later this year". The guts of the new Mac Pro are undeniably impressive, but what about the new black, cylindrical look?

We've heard everything from "Oooooh, shiny" to "It looks like a trash can". What do you think of Apple's new Mac Pro design? Sound off in the comments.


    As someone pointed out on Reddit. It looks like something similar to the suppository from Futurama's 'Deep South' episode.

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      That suppository was egg shaped, not a cylinder. Why not just say it looks like anything else in the world that is black? Unless that redditor just has a large appetite for finding new things they can shove up their bum and it's skewed their perception....

        You're correct, but well it's either that or a 'dustbin'. I enjoy Futurama so I just went with that. I said 'Looks like', not, 'It's spot on, the resemblance is uncanny'. By NO means am I against it or anything. It just looks rather strange to me. I'll stick with my boxy Workstation.

        Also, he is a Redditor... It's possible.

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      ..looks more like a sub-woofer

      i have one exactly like it.

      where do i put my floppy disks?

        I don't quite understand your thoughts, are you suggesting the design looks old?

    Pretty retro. Reminds me of the odd shapes of the old SG work stations. Probably not a great set up to make it easily modable, but then they're really just going for making the product distinctive.
    In the end a lot of image concious businesses will be squandering the power of these just to show they have them.

    it looks like an ice bucket, I wonder if it will keep my drinks cool too?

      since it looks so awesome, it'll probbably boil them as well

      (cus its so hot)

      see what i did there??? eh? eh?

    I like it.

    Picture is not to scale, as the new Pro is considerably smaller.

    Looks like a trash can....
    Making it that design means that the internals will most probably be custom....which means no ability to upgrade components yourself.


      Still seems to use standard DIMMs for memory (like all Macs) so that should be fine. Near as I can tell the hard drives are custom flash modules so for expanding storage you're probably looking at thunderbolt.

      I suspect it's deliberate move to foil the growing Hackintosh scene, OSX.n will eventually only seek out the BIOS on custom motherboards, split into two to suit the triangular chassis within

    What I was really hoping is some sort of modular computing system, easy to upgrade and add third party cards and devices. The complete opposite of where the rest of the mac line is heading, but alas it looks like they are going down the form over function.. I do hope this dustbin pops open easily! Planned obsolescence in a pro line is an insult!

    Dear Apple,

    The new Mac Pro is awesome!

    Said no one ever.


      I love it when people use the phrase said no one ever. Said...........

        Sounds like we have a fan boy defending Apples idiotic Mac Pro.

          Sorry dude, nah I build custom PCs and use a nexus so not an iSheep, just don't like the "said no one ever" that seems to be doing the rounds. I'm sure you're a very nice person.

    Looks like a coffee mug.

    going to be a pain to carry

      Just stick your arm through it like a huge, oversized bracelet!

    Somehow it brings the old Apple G4 Cube to mind: a product where they went with a distinctive, outlandish design seemingly for its own sake. Didn't turn out too well for them.

    That said, at least there seems to be some good thinking behind this in terms of rethinking the thermal efficiency of it.

      It reminded me of the G4 Cube as well. That design did lead somewhere: take a Cube and cut it in half and it became the first Mac Mini, which has been a reasonable success, so the Cube was not a complete failure. I can see an aftermarket for things like keg like brackets for mounting the Pro horizontally or even the neat podium under a Geneva XL. I think it would be great mounted on a Kartell Componomobili item. Very designy ideas. I'm sure the Pro will be a blast to use but it would be underemployed if I had one.


    Surely based on the scale of the new model compared to its predecessor (1/8th of its volume), "ashtray" would be a better description, otherwise that's the tiniest bin ever.

      It looks quite similar to the small bin/ashtray combos they have in casinos between the slot machines.

    it doubles up as a trash can, not 'it looks like a trash can'

    Whilst it has some serious issues re mod-ability (then again, what Apple products have been easily mod-able?), at least they are doing something new and different.
    So kudos for that.

      What Apple products have been easily mod-able? The last Mac Pro. Four PCI-e expansion slots, Four HDD bays...

    Once we get some independent reviews on thermals vs the old design I'll form an opinion. In my opinion a desktop is hidden away out of sight so for me its function over form. I understand that you can't install a bagillion drives inside it, but if it stays as cool as it looks like it will, match it with a nice thunderbolt external raid and could be a winner.

    Why are people soo offended by the change. It's something different... dont like it? Simple, dont buy it. I personally think it looks good and nothing wrong with changing the design. At the end of the day... does it work as a computer? MOST CERTAINLY YES.

      Yes but does it work as a Pro computer, or have they chosen form over function?

        Have you read why its a cylinder..?

          Yes. But what's the upgradeability on it? The Pro market is usually dominated by industries that require additional PCIe cards specific to their needs.

          Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the form factor as long as it doesn't detract from the capabilities of what the old case made possible. Hence why my comment was somewhat a question.

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            That is why they loaded it up with so many Thunderbolt ports, effectively Thunderbolt is PCIe 4x over a cable. I am sure all kinds of cages and enclosures for PCIe cards, hard drives will pop up. We also don't know what accessories Apple will make available, we haven't reached the proper launch yet.

            I am just happy someone is trying something different in the desktop space. I am not the target market for a Mac Pro so I wouldn't buy one, but it will be interesting to see what else it spawns.

      OK, here is one very obvious issue - where am I going to put the AJA video I/O card I have in my current MacPro? Pro cards like this are often worth several grand and if Apple try to make them obsolete, all it will do is drive pro customers to PC. After all, they have already dumped Final Cut Pro so what Apple are effectively doing is putting the last nail in their pro customer base coffin.

    IF only it had been outfitted with two legs and a 4k video projector and called R2D2!
    My business operates 58 MacPro's, which have been dying out for an upgrade...
    And that upgrade will not be coming from Apple with this rediculious "concept" and I'm quite sure that the Made in the USA label will be the final nail in its coffin once the poor build quality becomes aparent.

    Love it and cant wait to get one... with simplicity and power encased in quality materials it's hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship and design aesthetics.
    Seriously anyone who thinks this is a trash can needs to grow up... It may not be to everyones taste but the comparison is really just immature.
    As someone who uses these machines for work I am really glad Apple have stepped outside the square and shown some real innovation.
    My only downside is that i know this machine won't be cheap but as they say you get what you pay for.

      You haven't even seen one yet. For all you know they could fall to pieces when you pick them up. (Unlikely but possible.) How about waiting until you've seen a little bit more than a few computer generated renderings before you make a decision about how good it is?

        I am going to say without any shadow of a doubt that this thing does not just fall apart when you pick it up! What a ridiculous statement to illustrate your point.

          Ridiculous in order to show how equally ridiculous the post to which I was responding was. Well picked up.

    im undecided until i know the reason it is in the form of a cylinder. I like the form to follow the function, and if there is a specific aspect to this shape that makes it perform better, im all for it. however, if it's just a cylinder because... um well, we thought we'd try something different, then i think that's pointless. curious to see it in context of it's surroundings.

    I'm glad they finally updated the pro but:

    It wont fit neatly under a desk.
    Videocard not upgradeable.

      Videocard not upgradeable.
      Source? I haven't seen that anywhere, but if that's the case, sad face.

        They look pretty permanent. Thunderbolt can only handle 4 lanes so not really super useful for external graphics.

    Provided Apple (or a third party) has a reasonable expansion chassis waiting in the wings, I see nothing wrong with the design rethink. A large proportion of Mac Pro owners never even upgraded their RAM, let alone added storage or swapped out video cards, as evidenced by the second hand configurations available, so users who just needed the additional processing power were being lumped with a big cavernous tower they'd never fill. As long as a Thunderbolt box that accommodates a couple of hard drives and several PCI Express cards (including triple height cards) at a reasonable price becomes available, I don't see a problem.

      Right, because having a cylinder and a box joined by a cable to replace a single box is so much better. This thing is a disaster.

    You people are like strippers, you don't accept change. *sarcastic drum fill*

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