We Have An Australian Price For The Xbox One [Updated]

And that price is... $599 Australian. That's the RRP.

In addition, Microsoft has also confirmed that, as one of the launch territories mentioned in the conference, the Xbox One will be available in Australia in November 2013.

We'll have more details soon, but that's the word for now.

What are your early thoughts? Too much? I think it seems fair considering the US is being charged $499.95. It's a much better deal than we've received in the past.

Republished from Kotaku.

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    Seems very reasonable. Was expecting to pay a lot more.


    At the current exchange rate, USD499.95 = AUD527.65. Then add on 10% GST = AUD580.42. So actually, surprisingly it's pretty close.

    Still too expensive though.

      It is not too expensive. You're being facisious.

        A bit over half a thousand dollars isn't much eh?

        My PayPal is [email protected] By all means you can send that kind of cash my way any time you want.

          That is less that the PS3, Xbox 360, xbox, PS2 & PS1. It is only also comparative to the Wii release price. But I guess you're dismissing natural inflation for cost of good.

            xbox 360 is currently around $299. With Kinect. (does vary slightly from store to store)
            So, yeah, it's too much.

              I'm sorry but if you expect them to price-match their brand new console with the older, six-year-old console, then you're a moron.

              Whilst the 360 is currently only ~$300, it sure as hell wasn't that cheap at launch.

              Even at $599 I dare say Microsoft is actually underpricing the XBone (due to competition with the PS4) as the plan is to make profit in the long term, despite making a loss on the initial consoles.

              I remember reading somewhere that it was the same for 360, in that pressure to keep launch prices down meant that Microsoft didn't actually make a profit until a significant number of consoles had actually be sold.

              $599 isn't too bad as a RRP given that the Kinect is included. At $599 RRP I dare say we'll see places selling them for $549 or so not long after launch.

              Last edited 11/06/13 10:42 am

                Hey JonBoy.
                It does not matter what product you buy that is made on a production line, that has investment in Tooling. Until you sell a certain number of units you have not made a profit. Your price is then a compromise between a number of things, competition, cash flow, and when you wish to see a return on investment. Neither company will fail to make money on these consoles as they will certainly sell plenty of units. However lets have a look at what they are offering. High def Video with high def camera/movement sensor, blu-ray drive and the ability to communicate on the web, oh yes I forgot a 500 gig hard drive. Does that sound like 600 dollars worth? I don't. Sounds like a rip off to me. Lets hope prices drop fast.

              What the???? That is no comparison lol. Man this (product) is too expensive because I can buy a 10 year old version of it for (less than new product price)!!!
              You do realize how old the 360 is right? It's hardware is MUCH cheaper as it is low spec hardware...

              haha, your comment should read, 8 year old xbox console with 250gb , Low res Kinect with laggy voice controls and 720P gaming for $299 whilst Latest version xbox with 10 times the power, double the storage etc etc for $599, Yeah xbox 360 is the one thats too much in this argument! $599 is chump change these days.. 2 nights out in town, trip to Bali, you get the point.. I think its a good price point for a console release as its only going to get cheaper!

                $599 for Xbox $549 for PS4, Sony screwed us more than Microsoft

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            Not at all. I don't give a crap one way our the other. I shelled out $300 for the oculus rift dev kit. That's my console purchase this generation. ;)

            Your tone made it sound like it just wasn't a lot of money. That was the angle I was coming from.

          "Half a thousand dollars" Who says this?
          Its a portion of a millions dollars!!! Its 10 of thousands of cents!!!

          Sensationalist much?

            I say it.

            Saying cents makes it seem less impressive.

        It is for me.

        $500 is my cut-off for pretty much any console - though I allowed a bit more for the PS3 as it doubled as a Blu-Ray player. Considering the concerns about the Xbone as well, it makes it a complete deal-breaker for me. Nothing facetious about that.

          It has Blu Ray ....

            Sorry - I meant at the time the PS3 was released, and Blu-Ray players were incredibly expensive, so it had a greater value proposition (although I think it was still over-priced at launch).

            But I have my Blu-Ray player now (well, two, if I count my PC). There's nothing the XB One brings that would be of use to me beyond what my existing consoles do, except play shinier games.

              If you don't want the latest gaming console then don't get it???

                The way you worded that didn't sound like a question???

              Shiny games is very tempting for me - absolutely cannot wait to see the new Forza. Thinking of matching it up with a shiny new 60".

        Do you even know what facetious means?
        He gave a comparison that matches up quite well...

          How can anyone say this is expensive when it is cheaper than the last 6 consoles released? Explain that logic when it is so much more powerful and can do so much. Excluding the draconian ways or DRM, the console itself it incredibly cheap. I personally thought it was going to be around $800-$900.

            I didn't say it was expensive, I merely let you know that his price comparison matched up quite well..! Besides that, "Palms" and "tiberath" have a right to comment on the cost without being vilified for it. "Palms" feels it's too high and that's his right!

            Last edited 11/06/13 9:27 am

              No one is being vilified, you're over exaggerating. They feel it is too high, but history and average rates, along with advancements in tech provided and features offered would show that the price point is an excellent price point. Truth be told I probably am not buying one anyway, I'm building a HTGPC so unless there are some amazing IP I'm passing on the initial release.

                I have no idea what you're on about or even what you're on. People are allowed an opinion without you jumping all over them, as you've done to several people here. Settle down!

      The PS4 is likely to be in the same $600 ballpark, so it's likely that's not an option for you either. Perhaps the WiiU is priced in your range?

        Perhaps you just keep using your 360 or PS3?

        I was hoping for them to be priced more around $500. If Sony can price the PS4 under the XBone, they will be on a serious winner. It might be possible since the XBone comes with the Kinect, which can't be cheap.

        However, I'm happy to sit out for a year or so and wait for the prices to come down.

          But will the PS3 come with the PSEye and that absolutely awful move stuff?

            agreed - unless the new kinect polishes my shoes as well as play daft moving games (except fruit ninja) then i'm not partaking

              I'm keen on Kinect for nothing more than the new voice features, especially the isolation of voice from background sound. Sucks to picking up a remote or controller for media ever again.

                When they work also - It's a bit of a in joke at home "bing .... biNG .... BING " oh forget it ..

                  My missus can't work it because she wont speak naturally to a machine, I never have an issue.

      Their 499 price doesn't include tax FYI.

      I agree - we should get a discount for all the features we will be missing on the AU version

    They missed the boat when they didn't announce the subsidised by Xbox Live subscription service.
    Having said that I don't expect the PS4 to be cheaper. Sony are likely to match the price or be more expensive at launch.

    It seems pretty reasonable. Still not buying it though. Having to pay a monthly fee to play online is absolute bullshit :-/

      $50 per year and u get:
      DLC in advance
      more dedicated servers: 16,000 (to date) number to go up to 300,000 for xboxone
      more updates for the OS
      more apps
      more featured content

      for $50 i think its worth it and they're using that money to make xboxlive better...

        The RRP on that is actually $79.95 not $50

          You can buy 12 months of Xbox LIVE gold subscriptions from heaps of places (eBay, etc) for approx AUD$45-50. Only chumps pay the $79.95 per year to renew it directly through Microsoft.

          $50 for 12 months = $4.16 per month, or 13.8 cents per day, so I think it's reasonable given the preferences and benefits (mentioned by @danr) Xbox gamers receive over Playstation gamers.

          Last edited 11/06/13 10:49 am

            I am now an ex-chump as I never thought to buy in advance from ebay.

          really? when was the last time you paid the $119.95 RRP for a game? yep thats what i thought...

    That is a much better price then what EB games had it up for on release at $900

    Pretty cool since i had expectations of around $900 - AND i would probably have paid that as well. So sub $600 is a bargin - No doubt it will come bundled with Forza as well so very pleased ...

      prob it wont come with less memory and kinect tho, but still good coz im not a big fan of it anyway

        As I've said before, Kinect is great with 1 game which is Fruit Ninja, my son loves playing Toy Story with it - I can't see me getting fit with it or skiing for that matter

    No way I'm going to pay more for a game console than i would for a tablet.
    Ah well, this thing (that's trying to be all things) just leaves the market open for a cheaper, dedicated game console.

    Do want, all the games look fantastic, and I paid more than this for the bloody PS3 which couldn't do half what the Xbox One could do.

    anyone who thinks this is expensive should try and build a similarly capable gaming PC
    One good video card will run you $400

      A $400 video card purchased today is far more powerful than what you will find inside a console.

      The GFX side of the APU in the XboxOne is comparable to a < $200 card.

        I would like to see you get a $200 gfx card do what these consoles will @ 1080p... maybe in a year or so...

    I agree with Travis... when the new consoles came out 360 and PS3 they were pricepointed around this too. Remember too that Kinect II is included in this price as well as the wireless controller. So I am quite pleased with the pricing... it was labelled with JB as $800 initially and I was kinda expecting around $700 myself.

    That's a fair price for a new console - still not keen on the online features. Just moved into a new place and after a week of no Internet I had a long weekend to look forward to with ... still no Internet!

    No worries, I had my consoles to keep my company. Some GTA:VC and Ninja Gaiden Sigma and suddenly my weekend was gone. This is what I use consoles for - and for that purpose Xbone is useless.

      If it's just a heartbeat checkin every 24 hours, isn't your phone capable of running as a Wifi hotspot?

        You shouldn't have to use your phones hotspot just so you can 'check in' to get Microsoft's permission to play a game that you've paid for on a console that you already own.

        I'm with @thesorehead in that gamers should be able to campaign game all they want regardless of any internet connectivity.

          We should also be allowed to install once and play without disc but people who like to swap and sell games mean we cant... I'd happily accept the option to install once and destroy my ability to transfer a game so I could play offline. That or if you are offline you need to have the disc in as a backup (Dear MS, read this last line and do it because it makes sense damn it)

    Yeah $599 is a pretty decent build for a gaming PC with 1080p resolution and it's only an APU running 8 gig of RAM with a 500 gig HDD.
    People are getting a bit carried away with the whole power thing.

    I won't be buying an XBone (or possibly PS4 depending on what Sony put onto the table) until the next Call of Duty title is released.

    The price is pretty good, a PC with similar specs would be around the same price, and with the optimization the xbox can have it should be capable of better graphics on the same hardware (in theory).

    Last edited 11/06/13 12:03 pm

    Not bad compared with launch prices for previous consoles. Really considering this.

    The conversion rate is fine. Sony could have really hurt them like they may do in the US with a substantual undercutting of the price...but the $550AU PS4 really isn't a lot better than the $600AU XBox on price alone.

    I'd prefer the XBox but I'm going to hold off for now. With the launches so close and XMas season in the mix, I half expect we'll see a quick price drop on the XBox side, assuming they don't adjust the price pre launch. Thats what I hope anyway, although they may both bank on selling all stock at XMas in which case I may need to wait for the new year to grab one at a lower price point.

    It might depend heavily on what the $AU does over the coming months.

    I think it is pretty awesome pricing however, I am not sure because I want backwards compatibility and the ability to share games.
    I cast my "dollar vote" to something else this time Microsoft!!

    Paying 100 more "just because" is better than being charged even more than we should, sure.. But its still too much. No backward compatibility, so i have to keep both, always online, forced kinect.. too much..

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