New Android Apps: Warmly, Vine, Google Keyboard, And More

Android recently got a few long-awaited additions to their app lineup, most notably the previously iOS-only Vine and a version of Google Keyboard made just for Android. Not to mention a few fun little apps that, while not technically necessary, do make our lives just a bit easier. And that's what it's all about.

Eater: When you're with a group of friends, trying to pick a place to eat is a frustrating, generally horrible experience. No one can make up their minds, and when someone finally does, you can almost guarantee that someone else is going to find a reason to shoot it down. Eater App for iOS and Android, though, plans to put that little problem to rest. [Free]

Warmly: Other alarms raise the volume incrementally over a period of time, but this can easily result in you ignoring the alarm altogether. Warmly, though, breaks up its loudest point with a somewhat louder bell. You're body's been slowly waking, so it's not as alarming as it would be otherwise, but you will still definitely hear that it's time to get up. This simulates a far more natural waking up experience and will likely leave you feeling far more perky once you pop out of bed. There's also a wide variety of morning-themed sounds, so once you start to despise one for its hand in ending your slumber, you can move on to the next with plenty left still. [$2]

Google Keyboard: Google's new version is like many of the alternative keyboard titles you're already familiar with, which are necessary because Android phones all come with their own crappy proprietary keyboards, except of course for the Nexus 4. But across the board, it's generally not a great experience. However, Google Keyboard recreates the stock Google goodness on any Android phone. We're not sure how it stacks up to other keyboard replacements yet, but it is customisable to whatever flavour of Android you're rocking. [Free]

Vine: For the uninitiated, Vine is the very popular way to splice together six-second video vignettes. Now, like Instagram, and loads of immensely popular services before it, Vine has expanded beyond its iOS beginnings with an app available to Android phones running version 4.0 or higher.Here's the Google Play link, which is live for your video-sharing enjoyment right now — after some initial delays, it looks like the download link is finally operational. [Free]

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