Volvo's Awesome New Autonomous Self-Parking Car Is Its Own Valet

Realising that cars that automatically parallel park themselves are old news, Volvo has taken the concept much further with a new concept vehicle that can actually find an empty spot and park itself in a lot. You just abandon your car at the entrance of a parking lot, and it takes care of the rest like a valet you never have to tip.

The vehicle relies on a combination of technologies to navigate a lot and find an empty spot, from on-board cameras and sensors to track and avoid other vehicles and pedestrians, as well as transmitters embedded in the parking lot's road surface to help the vehicle navigate every turn. And it's all activated from a mobile phone, both telling your vehicle to go park itself and requesting it come pick you up.

Sadly, while Volvo will be demonstrating the concept vehicle next week, there's no ETA on when the new technology might become an actual option for consumers. So, until we do get our hands on it, we'll have to just keep remembering to hide our loose change whenever we use a valet service.




    Will it also see when someone is about to leave and wait for them to move out of the spot?

    I don't really see how this is beneficial..

    I forsee issues with underground carparks and mobile phone reception. Still, neat idea. Anything that reduces the amount people parking like idiots is alright by me

      I'd guess they'd use something like femtocell if they have sensors embedded in the ground to assist (an idea I thought was an original of mine just yesterday before I read this :p)

    Wonder if you would have any fuel left if it was Christmas shopping time..

      That's even better than valet haha, just let the car drive around for 2 hours and pick you up when you're done.

    If the car by chance hits someone or another car, who is liable? Volvo or the owner of the car?

    I can see many law suits in the USA happening with this feature.

      Which means it will be released in places like Japan, years before the US. Car parks are dangerous in part because humans are looking for a spot

      It's a shame. The technology has probably been developed and improved over the past 20 years but it's probably this reason that it is not out yet in a massive scale.

    If you're like me you've experience the long walk around a westfield car park when you can't quite remember where you've parked, how the hell would I find my car if it parked itself lol

      You don't have to, it'll drive back to you when you're ready to pick it up.

        Thats pretty awesome, I would want a dick tracy style watch where I could speak to my car to come get me.

    Hope its not using Apple maps

    As soon as they figure out how to read parking signs and lines and not rely on transmitter in the parking lot, it will definitely be a lot more practical.

    Of course, if it was designed here, it would probably give a loud honk if someone else tries to park in its chosen spot.

    Presumably a system would need to be devised to designate handicap and emergency vehicle parking spaces from those of regular parks, otherwise fines would no doubt ensue.

    I'm in two minds over this though; autonomous parking once you've walked away is a nice idea, however I totally disagree with people using automated parking to park their car for them because they are too spatially retarded to do so themselves.

    If you cannot reverse parallel or rear-to-kerb park your own car then you should't have a bloody licence (in my humble opinion).

    It's awesome, but drivers are already that lazy when it comes to driving. Why not automated indicators instead, no one bloody uses them. Especially Sydney drivers.

    It's good, yes. But how about existing problems yet so trivial to fix?
    Break light faulty alert! This problem has never been address yet so simple to fix.

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