US Supreme Court: Human Genetic Material Can't Be Patented

Big news from the east side of Capitol Hill: It's not OK to patent genetic material taken from the human body. Or at least it's not OK in the eyes of the highest court in the United States. SCOTUS took on the controversial and somewhat futuristic case earlier this year, and with all the torrid discussion about updating all patent laws, everyone knew that this decision would be a landmark one.

It wasn't a tough one for the US Supreme Court though. In deciding on a case focused on Myriad Genetics, a company that built its empire by isolating and patenting two genes that indicate a higher risk of breast cancer, all nine judges voted against allowing human genes to be patented. Synthetically produced genes, however, are totally up for grabs and can continue to enjoy the legal protection of our nation's patent laws. Just don't expect Uncle Sam to swing his intellectual property rights sword to defend your Frankenstein though. That's just wrong. [Reuters]

Picture: Fine Art America

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