This Walking Steampunk Lego Ship Is The Perfect Combination Of Creepy And Cool

When the apocalypse eventually comes and the surface of the Earth is transformed into a sandy, radioactive wasteland, you're going to need a versatile form of transportation. There's no rule that says it can't look mighty impressive at the same time, so why not get to work on your own, full-scale replica of this Lego monstrosity?

The creatively named "Lego Steampunk Walking Ship" is the plastic brainchild of Jason Allemann. Locomotion is provided by Lego's "Power Functions" system and allows the construct to be controlled via a remote with an infra-red interface.

The legs themselves are separated into two sections, left and right (or front and back, depending on your point of view) and can be moved independently at different speeds.

The walking frame is based on Theo Jansen's "Strandbeest", itself a thing of the creepiest order. A video is available on Vimeo if you'd like to see this in action — you'll be able to spot the similarities immediately.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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