This Technicolor Installation Lets You Paint Sydney Harbour With Light

The Sydney Harbour Bridge? Beautiful, sure, despite its sombre suit of grey steel. But every night from now until June 10, the bridge’s arches will get a magical, multicoloured makeover, thanks to a kilometre of fibre optics and thousands of programmable LED bulbs.

Colour the Bridge is a bright spectacle that’s a part of Vivid Sydney, an annual festival of lights. Ever seen pictures of the Sydney Opera House painted up with light? Same thing. The bridge installation is brand new this year. It’s a breathtaking display.

But it gets better! Thanks to some back-end tech from Intel, lighting and installation by Iain Reed, and software design and production by Marin Bevz, you can design your own lighting sequence and see it played out on the bridge. You can see how the installation happens in the short video above. [CreatorsProject]